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Review of the vertical mouse for PC Logitech MX Vertical


If you look closely at this product, then at first the question may arise about the need for vertical mice in principle. For someone, his external data can even cause a feeling of rejection.

Why do you need it

This process begins with a slight tingling sensation in one of the fingers. Most often, this is the thumb or forefinger. Then it spreads over the entire arm and even reaches the elbow. You have to take more frequent and longer breaks from work, but over time, this does not help either.

Such problems are alarming and frightening. Sometimes there are moments when like a steel hoop tightly squeezes the wrist. This pressure increases and reaches the point that a person is not able to lift a cup of coffee or tea. The pain gets worse and reaches its maximum if nothing is done.

This is a description of the symptoms of one of the most common diseases in our world - carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs in those who incorrectly approach work at a PC, it becomes a consequence of constant stress.

If we delve deeper into the causes of this sore, then we can briefly say that it is caused due to the fact that the same muscle group performs the same actions over a long period of time.

Nowadays it is impossible without computers and modern gadgets. Without this, there is no development, no perspective, no normal life. Unfortunately, not all employers pay due attention to the arrangement of the workplace for their employees. Therefore, you should think about it yourself. And the first step in this direction is the correct selection of accessories for work. Computer mice are in the first place here.

Solving many problems

This product is called a vertical mouse. Its profile is not classical, it is at an angle of 570to the surface. This can reduce muscle tone by 10% and reduce unnecessary movement.

Logitech MX Vertical

The first impressions of using the Logitech MX Vertical are strange. The hand is in a different position, it is not clear where to put some fingers. Over time, you get used to a different way of positioning your wrist, but it becomes more comfortable after a few days.

However, you soon begin to understand that the hand is located, albeit in a different plane, but more naturally. It is oriented vertically and not horizontally. The steering angle difference is almost 900, but this is its natural position. Therefore, the wrist does not twist and the muscles do not get tired.

Logitech MX Vertical

It will take some time for the user to get used to the rhythm of the cursor movement. It does it in different ways, but it takes less effort to move it. The gadget has a not very high DPI, which can be adjusted by the button located at the top of the product.

The process of pressing the buttons is different. The thing is that the fingers are at an angle to them, so the effort is minimal. Basically, all clicks are done with the thumb, everyone else is relaxed at this moment.

Logitech MX Vertical

Office workers will love it

This type of vertical mouse is perfect for office work. It is specially designed for this. It has no extra buttons, the response time of the main ones is short. This is necessary when a person often performs the same actions at a fast pace. Convenience and ergonomics come first here.

Logitech MX Vertical fits snugly in the palm of your hand, does not slip, even if it sweats. It is important that it is wireless, the manufacturer claims a great autonomy of the device, it can work continuously for 4 months.

It is important that charging is carried out via the USB-C connector, and you can connect a mouse to three PCs at once.

Need to know when choosing

This gadget is not cheap. Its average cost is 7000 rubles, while Chinese counterparts sell somewhere around 5000 rubles.

Therefore, before buying, you should carefully study all the characteristics, but it is better to try on the mouse for yourself and try to work with it. It is made for medium-sized hands. Not all men have this. Most women will love the product.

The Logitech MX Vertical can help everyone. It will save the employee from the occurrence of health problems, and the employer will save the employer from unnecessary costs associated with the possible treatment of personnel. Therefore, it is worth considering it for purchase, especially for those who work in the office for a long time on a PC.

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Author: Jake Pinkman