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Microsoft unveils improved classic IntelliMouse


In keeping with the best traditions of the quality of the IntelliMouse range, Microsoft Corporation presented the new Classic IntelliMouse manipulator in a classic design. The improved wired mouse has modern features and additional features.

First IntelliMouse

The first mouse in the IntelliMouse series from Microsoft appeared in 1996. The asymmetrical design borrowed from the 1993 Mouse 2.0 and the standard scroll wheel in the now familiar design soon made the gaming gadget in demand and popular. Three years later, a manipulator with an integrated optical sensor was created in the same line, and the latest version of this series was produced in 2003 (with a re-release in 2006).

Mouse IntelliMouse 3.0 was made taking into account the structure of the hand, it was distinguished by good ergonomic characteristics, and low weight. Reliable Omron switches have been incorporated into the design for durability and ease of pushing. The optical touch device contributed to the minimal error rate, so the mouse has long been in good standing with casual users and gamers.

Reviving the classics

Simon Dirsley, Microsoft's head of design, shared details about the new IntelliMouse cash line, revived 15 years later. According to him, the company is proud of the IntelliMouse 3.0 manipulator, considering it a truly important project in the technology industry. Dirsley says that all current game pads have a similar device to the IntelliMouse and a comfortable shape.

As Simon Dirsley explains, Microsoft sees good prerequisites for developing a new gadget for the company's loyalists, using modern innovations in the device of touch sensors and other components of the device. The new wired mouse compiles all the latest improvements in technical accuracy, tactile feel and button operation. However, the company is principled about the size and shape of the manipulator - they were not affected by the changes.

Key Features

The new mouse features a high-precision Bluetrack optical sensor that works on glass and mirrors. The internal structure of the manipulator has a completely updated mechanics, the gadget has 5 buttons, 3 of which are customizable. The standard red backlighting has been replaced with a white stripe. Omron switches are present on the two main buttons, the rest are equipped with Kailh switches. The side buttons have also received modern transformations for more user-friendly clicks.

Classic IntelliMouse from Microsoft is available for sale, its approximate cost is estimated at 4000 rubles . The weight of the gadget is 0.1 kg, dimensions - 13.2 ? 6.9 ? 4.3 cm. The manufacturer clarifies that the gadget is compatible only with computers running Windows, while setting the buttons is not supported in Windows 10 S.

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Author: Jake Pinkman