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Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - useful tips for passing and survival


After 6 long years of development, a series of transfers and several scandals, this day has finally arrived - today the official release of The Last of Us Part 2 took place. A new story of Joel and Ellie, only told in even darker colors - before us, which means that no one will bother us to tell in detail how the “One of us. Part 2". Let's say right away: the same as the first part, but there are nuances to which we will mainly devote our guide The Last of Us Part 2 and share the secrets of passing the game. Of course, we will do without spoilers in this article.

1. Looting is the basis of survival

In the post-apocalyptic world, and even more so in conditions of constant scarcity of resources, you can no longer ask before taking someone else's thing, especially if its owner is dead. Therefore, with a clear conscience, search every corner of the locations, including boxes, cabinets or any other spaces in which you can find supplies left by people, crafting resources or ammo. Also, do not forget that the world of The Last of Us Part II is arranged according to the banal laws of logic, and therefore in the pharmacy you can find a supply of pills, in the arms store cartridges. The main thing is to try to search as many buildings on your way as possible.


The number of resources directly depends on what level of difficulty you have chosen: the lower the difficulty, the more loot and vice versa. The balance of resources, frankly, is rather strange and already in the middle of the game at medium difficulty you can find an overabundance of resources, which may reduce the enthusiasm for exploring locations. In this case, you can either increase / decrease the difficulty level, or go to the game menu and in the advanced settings, using a separate option, adjust the amount of resources at the levels.

Additionally, we note that if in a shootout you have a shortage of cartridges and you die over and over again, then do not rush to change the difficulty settings in The Last of Us Part 2. After several deaths, the game will start tossing more cartridges from the carcasses of defeated enemies, automatically adapting to your gaming skills.

2. Find the optimal difficulty and accessibility settings

Perhaps, no other game has offered such extensive possibilities for setting the difficulty. For this reason, we guarantee if you are a hardcore fan and progamer in the third generation or “The Last of Us. Part 2 "is the first game for you - in both cases you can get the maximum amount of pleasure from the gameplay of the game. In total, the game has 5 difficulty levels, among which "medium" is the most optimal for at least a little experienced players. High will already make you sweat. But the difficulty level "Survival" is already a special story, since on it the AI acquires new movements and, in general, performs actions much faster, which is why the gameplay is noticeably transformed. In our opinion - for the better.


As we mentioned above, the game has advanced difficulty settings, the abundance of which literally scatters the eyes. The level of damage of opponents or allies, the amount of resources, the attentiveness of enemies and other parameters will allow you to customize the game to your whimsical taste. In addition, there are accessibility settings, where a fairly standard option with a choice of subtitle sizes is adjacent to a contrast mode, audio signals and other parameters that allow you to adjust the game for people with visual impairments, hearing or physical disabilities. There are about 60 difficulty and accessibility settings in total.

Do not be afraid to experiment a little with the settings at any convenient moment, so this time you can get all the trophies of The Last of Us Part 2 at any difficulty level. In general, this is one of the simplest "platinum" among the latest major exclusives for Playstation 4.

3. Use accessibility settings to find hidden items

However, even if you are the healthiest person on the planet, then accessibility settings can bring you tangible benefits. If you played the first part, then you probably remember the abundance of scattered notes, magazines, cicadas medallions and other useful (and sometimes not very) unique items? In the new game there are even more of them and even more, you can find a whole collection of cards with the heroes of the fantastic comic book universe, invented especially for the game.


To find all the items on the level, you can, of course, thoroughly explore every millimeter of the game world, even climbing into places that an adequate person might think of last. But there is a simpler option - enable contrast mode and advanced listening mode in the accessibility settings. The first mode selects all interactive objects nearby when you touch the touchpad. The second mode activates a sonorous squeak when approaching things with which you can interact. Thus, for the first passage of The Last of Us Part II, you can find all the collectibles and improvements for both Ellie herself and her weapons.

4. Don't miss the safes

However, if you really want to collect all the items, then it will not be enough to enable help in the accessibility settings. In any case, you will have to use the brain for its intended purpose every time you come across another safe in the vastness of post-apocalyptic America. Often, safes contain medicines, magazines that expand the skill tree and even new weapons, so believe me, there is something to try for. There is only one way to open the safe - find a combination. They are usually found nearby in scraps, but sometimes developers come up with more complex codes, for which you need to look for a clue in the environment, for example, by looking at a battered calendar.


If you cannot find an exact answer nearby, then do not be afraid to explore the location a little, guided by what type of building the safe is in and what clues the clues in the notes indicate. Just always remember one rule - the code for the safe in The Last of Us Part 2 is always located in the same location as the safe itself. Keep this in mind when you come to a point on a location where the player will need to hold down the "triangle" key on the gamepad to move forward - this way sections are marked that serve to move to another location.

5.Collect bottles and bricks

Continuing our guide The Last of Us Part 2 with obvious advice for the veteran of the first part - never pass by the bottles and bricks scattered around. They perform several strategic functions at once:

  • Throwing a bottle or a brick allows you to draw the enemy's attention to the desired location on the level. Also, throwing is almost the only way to distract the attention of the dog smelling your trail;
  • Throwing a bottle or brick directly in the face stuns the enemy. After being stunned, the best moment comes to thrust a knife into his neck, take him hostage or retreat from the battlefield;
  • In the end, the bottle and especially the brick can serve as a formidable melee weapon, or designed to crush enemy skulls to pieces.

6. Eliminate the dogs first

No matter how cute the songs in the game seem, don't let them fool you! The dogs' sole purpose is to make Ellie's life as difficult as possible, tell the whole neighborhood about her whereabouts, and then gnaw her throat. Therefore, we recommend taking the rule of eliminating dogs as soon as possible as a gameplay basis. A mine is best suited for these purposes. Sooner or later, the dog will smell the trail, follow it and explode, at the same time taking with it the owner who does not retreat from it. However, you can finish the passage of The Last of Us Part 2 without killing dogs, but for these purposes it will not hurt to have the patience of a Buddhist monk and the agility of the Predator from the movie of the same name.


As we said above, an effective way to distract a dog following the trail is to throw it at a brick or bottle. If there is no available means with you, then the dog will lose track if Ellie is far enough away from her. We also note that no matter how the player kills the dog, its whining, which then will probably dream at night, in most cases will attract the nearest units.

7. Follow the kill-retreat tactic

Finally, we will mention the tip for The Last of Us Part 2, which can bring a sense of deja vu to veterans of the original game. As before, the most effective tactic is to hit, then change position and repeat before the next arena with opponents is cleared. Attempts to play The Last of Us. Part 2 "as in a class" B "fighter, where the hero, without hiding behind cover, shoot dozens of enemies on the run, even at the minimum difficulty level, are unlikely to be successful.


However, no one bothers to play the role of a pacifist and go through almost all combat sections without killing, since the abundance of entrances and exits together with the X-ray "hearing" allows you to discreetly bypass enemies.

You can find out more useful information about "Some of the ns. Part 2" in our special material.

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