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Metro Exodus Guide - 10 Tips for Survival in Post-apocalyptic USA


During the development of the Metro Exodus game, the developers went to several significant innovations, forcing players to adapt to the new gameplay conditions. Many of the familiar tactics familiar from the previous parts of the series no longer work, which means that the sooner you understand the rules of the game, the more chances you will have to survive in post-apocalyptic USA. To save you time and nerves, we have written a Metro Exodus guide, where we will tell you about 10 useful tips that will greatly facilitate the passage of the game.

1. Don't forget to clean your weapons and repair your equipment

Along with the resource gathering and crafting system, Metro Exodus now has a weapon wear bar. The more you shoot or explore the location, the more the weapon becomes covered in dirt and becomes unusable. A contaminated weapon loses its accuracy and striking ability, and worst of all, it can overheat or jam at the most inopportune moment, so we advise you to collect resources scattered around the level and clean your weapon in time. To carry out the cleaning, you will have to go to the nearest layout in Metro Exodus, which are generously scattered in safe areas at the location. Do not forget also that you will have to take care of the armor and gas mask.

2. Explore the Volga to find valuable equipment

The first extensive location called "Volga" keeps many secrets, not all of them are equally interesting, but there are also some that will greatly help when passing Metro Exodus. We are talking about special equipment scattered in single copies at the location. We advise you to pay attention to the following equipment:

  • Compass (marked in blue)
  • Metal detector (marked in red)
  • Night vision goggles (marked in green)

Below on the map, we have indicated where to find the indicated improvement for the costume in Metro Exodus:

Metro Exodus Guide - 10 Tips for Survival in Post-apocalyptic USA

For the rest, we don't see a really serious reason to explore the locations. The open world in the game does not try to generously encourage the player's curiosity, so we recommend going only to points of interest marked with icons with a question mark on the map.

3. Take care of karma - play the game in stealth

As in the previous parts of the series, the ending of the player depends on the number of people killed. If you are going to see the Happy End in the final, then it is advisable to go through the game in stealth, avoiding direct confrontation with the enemy. Oftentimes, even the story characters in Metro Exodus will carefully warn that killing is not an option, and stunning opponents from behind is the best option for completing the task.

4. Use knives

If being a pacifist is not your style, but you prefer to stealthily eliminate opponents with weapons, then the next tip in Metro Exodus is to use throwing knives. Unlike weapons with a silencer, they do not emit a sound, can eliminate almost any target with one well-aimed hit, do not need cleaning and are practically endless. A thrown knife can always be picked up from the ground or from the corpse of the enemy. However, after finding the Helsing crossbow, they no longer become so useful.

Metro Exodus Guide - 10 Tips for Survival in Post-apocalyptic USA

5. Don't forget about melee

You were surrounded by adversaries, cartridges are running out, but how evil did the faithful Kalash jam? Do not rush to despair, it is better to run straight to meet the enemies and, in the style of Chuck Noris, generously hand out cuffs in close combat. Just pressing one button and the enemy will go to the land of dreams and will not bother you anymore. In addition, there is another useful secret in Metro Exodus related to close combat - stunning opponents with melee strikes does not take away karma, which allows you to pass the level without killing even if the alarm is raised.

6. Avoid mutants

Unlike other games in the Metro series, cartridges are no longer a valuable currency and there is no longer any need to nervously glance at the ammo counter. At the same time, we advise not to waste ammunition thoughtlessly and once again run up against a flock of mutants. There is no need to disturb the local fauna in the game Metro Exodus - they do not drop loot, but they, thick-skinned, bite painfully and can pretty much spoil your weapons and equipment.

Metro Exodus Guide - 10 Tips for Survival in Post-apocalyptic USA

7. Keep an eye on your flashlight and night vision goggles

Thinking ahead is always a guarantee of a successful game, and more importantly, of preserved nerve cells. This rule especially applies to the battery charge of a night vision device or a flashlight, since believe me, there is nothing worse than a flashlight suddenly extinguished and pitch darkness surrounded by snarling mutants. Therefore, the next tip for passing Metro Exodus - noticed how the light source began to junk and blink - immediately take out the charger and replenish the battery level.

7. Collect chemicals

Chemicals are a type of resource that is never abundant, especially at a high level of complexity. They are used for cleaning weapons, as well as making first aid kits and gas mask filters. The easiest way to find chemicals in Metro Exodus is by collecting glowing mushrooms or disassembling cartridges you don't use. It is advisable to always keep the amount of cartridges and chemicals in an even balance so as not to get into an awkward situation. Therefore, let us again recall the secret passage of levels and the use of knives and a crossbow.

Metro Exodus Guide - 10 Tips for Survival in Post-apocalyptic USA

8. Shoot armored opponents in the legs

The first meeting with opponents tied with armor always follows the same scenario: first, the Rambo mode is turned on with exclamations of "Come on, come here!", then the stage of shock with the realization that almost all the released cartridges were wasted and finally - tactical retreat. We suggest not to test such guys for strength and we will reveal another secret of Metro Exodus - sneak up behind your opponents and shoot off the protection on your kneecaps with aimed shots. The further scenario is obvious - a few well-aimed shots at the legs and the armored enemy will calm down forever.

9. Eavesdrop on enemy conversations

Opponents in the new Metro are not only a source of ammunition and resources, but also good guides to interesting places on the map. If you want to find out where in the location you can acquire valuable equipment or find friendly characters with small quests, then you should not immediately see enemies in their heads. If you sneak up, you can often hear a few unnecessary dialogues and leads to secret locations in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus Guide - 10 Tips for Survival in Post-apocalyptic USA

10. Holster your weapon

Continuing the previous point, we note that there are enough friendly characters at the location, whose attitude towards the player is based on the well-known saying: "As you are to me, so I am to you." Therefore, we will end our Metro Exodus guide with the following advice: if you spot the characters, it is better to hide the weapon in a holster. Thus, Artyom will show his good intentions and the game will open up unique ways to complete missions.

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