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Shenmue 3 Guide - Useful Tips and Secrets You May Not Know


Many experienced gamers have been waiting for this moment for a long 18 years - the official release of Shenmue 3, created under the leadership of the legendary game designer Yu Suzuki, took place. Whether anyone likes it or not, the continuation of the series is played exactly the same way as 18 years ago, thanks to which the game is very different from modern projects in the gaming industry. If you are not familiar with the series, then it can be problematic to deal with the triquel, so we suggest reading the Shenmue 3 guide, in which we briefly guide you and tell you about not obvious gameplay secrets.

1. Talk to everyone

The popular saying “the language will bring to Kiev” is more than ever applicable to Shenmue 3, in which the developers do not try to lead the player by the hand through the scenario of the story company. There is nothing shameful in the fact that at one moment you simply do not understand where to go next and what the game requires of you. But you shouldn't be upset in this case, just try to talk to all the characters and most likely they will provide real help in passing Shenmue 3. An old man named Jiang Ming, who can be found in the main square of the Bailu village, deserves a separate mention. If you have any difficulties, talk to him and Jiang Ming will surely have answers to almost all your questions.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Useful Tips and Secrets You might not know

Additionally, we recall that the characters in Shenmue 3 live according to their own schedule of the day, and if you cannot find a character at a given place, he is most likely somewhere nearby. In any case, he will definitely not leave the limits of the location.

2. Check your diary

If you are lost during the passage of Shenmue 3, then it is far from always worth asking every oncoming passer-by en masse in an attempt to find a solution. Often useful tips in Shenmue 3 can be found in Ryo's own diary, which includes further objectives, a map, and information such as previously visited locations and a list of side quests.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Helpful Tips and Secrets You might not know

3. Keep a large supply of food with you

In Shenmue 3, Ryo will not be able to starve to death if he is not fed periodically, but we still recommend that you collect food in reserve before leaving the house. Firstly, because food replenishes health, and secondly, since stamina and health are an interconnected system, with severe damage, the protagonist can only run for short distances. Given that there is no fast travel in the game, you can repeatedly regret not taking care of Ryo's soldering beforehand.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Helpful Tips and Secrets You might not know

We'll also mention a small, though largely obvious, secret in Shenmue 3 about food. If you want to save a little on the purchase of food, then we recommend picking carrots or (even better) - garlic, which is the most optimal in terms of price / quantity of health replenished. And one more tip - often look into the house of Shenhua, she always has some free food in the kitchen.

4. The best way to make money

And now it's time for real tricks. The best way to make money in Shenmue 3 is to gamble. But do not rush to bet all your coins in the turtle race, be patient. To begin with, the easiest way to make money is to chop wood, do this in the first half of the day. As you progress a bit through the storyline, a new area called Sunset Hill will open up in Bile. In the new section of the village, you can find a fortune teller in Shenmue 3 who, for 10 RMB, can suggest a lucky color (for turtle races) and a lucky number (for frog races). Then we go to the above gambling games, bet all our money on the color or number suggested by the fortuneteller, and hit the jackpot.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Helpful Tips and Secrets You might not know

5. Stay Away from Pachinko Machines

The good thing about most Shenmue 3 gambling is that you can influence the outcome of the game using a fortune teller or during the game itself, which leaves a significant chance of winning. Another thing is the Pachinko machine - it is almost completely a lottery, on which you can easily squander all the available money and not even come close to winning. Therefore, this Shenmue 3 guide could not do without advice to stay away from Pachinko machines, otherwise our conscience would simply not let us fall asleep.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Useful Tips and Secrets You might not know

6. Collect Herbal Collections

Herbs grow abundantly in almost all locations in the game, and if you pay a little attention to harvesting them, they can be a good way to make some money. But only if you do not rush ahead of time and sell herbs in small bundles. Better find the cards of herbs in Shenmue 3 (there are 4 of them in total) and follow the markers on the map to collect extensive collections of rare herbs. After completing part of the storyline campaign, it will be possible to give away herbal collections to sellers for a high price, in order to then buy, say, a skill book. By the way, one of the merchants at the Panda Market location in Bailu can immediately exchange rare herbs for a new manual for melee skills.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Useful Tips and Secrets You might not know

7. Practice Melee Dojo

Out of habit, the battles in Shenmue 3 may seem overwhelming. The fights feel like last year's Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the sense that the more time you spend training, the more confident the protagonist fights. Therefore, we recommend spending as much time as possible in the Dojo and participating in simple mini-games, for the successful completion of which Ryo will increase his maximum health and, therefore, stamina.

Shenmue 3 Guide - Useful Tips and Secrets You might not know

Separately in the Dojo, you can practice strikes. To do this, talk to the head of the Dojo and choose a fighter to spar. In the ring, you can practice punching repeatedly and level up your technique to deal more damage. Over time, when you have pumped all the available strikes in Shenmue 3, we recommend finding a skill book, learning a few new moves and practicing them to master level in the Dojo.

And that's about it. And although we have not yet talked about many useful things, we still hope our Shenmue 3 guide helped you in passing. We also invite gamers to pay attention to the guide to another Japanese game - 30 gameplay secrets of Death Stranding.

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