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What to lose in November? November 2019 Release Calendar


Detective wars, wars of criminals and legalists in the Wild West and finally Star Wars. If you don't know what to play in November, we will tell you about it in our fall calendar of games.

Red Dead Redemption 2 [PC]

Rejoice the PC boyars, because finally, after almost a year of whining, conspiracies and theories [even we have sinned like this], Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally released on PC. Should I even say anything about this game? At the very least, new content has been brought into the game, including a couple of new bounty hunting contracts, weapons, quests and new horses. For the sake of decency, I will nevertheless say that the plot tells about the Van der Linde gang, which travels through the Wild West, enjoying all the delights of life on wheels.

When? November 5

Blacksad: Under the Skin [PC, Xone, PS4]

Blacksad: Under the Skin is a game based on the Blacksad comic book of the same name about an anthropomorphic cat detective. The developers are completely guided by the original source, but they will not recreate its events, but will tell a unique story. If you've never read a comic book, but want to appreciate this detective action game inspired by the noir of the 50s with shootings, pursuits and secrets, then you can relax, because the game is made in such a way that it would be interesting to play it both for gamers who are familiar with the comic book, and for beginners.

When? November 5

Need for Speed: Heat [PC, Xone, PS4]

The Need for Speed series is trying to get back into the saddle after the last few parts have been drab mediocrity. This time, they are trying to lure us not only with the tropical city of Palm City, but also with a racing model. In the morning we will be a member of legal races in professional sports, and at night we will drive illegally, running away from the cops. In general, the series tries to sit on two chairs at the same time. We will be able to see what will come of this very soon.

When? November 8

Death Stranding [PS4]

I can't believe that this long-awaited project from Hideo Kojima will be released so soon. For too long and languidly we have been waiting for at least some details about this project. And then they poured in a huge stream, but we still did not understand anything. Well, now we all know, because we analyzed the whole plot and we can confidently talk about it. In a shattered world, the protagonist Sam needs to revive the connections between groups of survivors in the post-apocalyptic world by connecting them to a chiral network. He needs to go from one end of the country to the other and revive the United cities of America, as well as save Amelie. And all this with a touch of mysticism and in the traditional style of Kojima.

By the way, now after the release of RDR2 on PC, PC boyars can switch to Death Stranding and build theories when it is ported to the great and mighty. Also watch our video answering the question, why is Kojima a genius?

Yaga [PC]

What have you heard about Romanian game development? Imagine it is there and in November you will be able to play an action RPG from the Romanian studio called Yaga. The one-armed blacksmith Ivan sets out on a long journey on behalf of the tsar. There he will meet with a huge number of creatures from Slavic mythology and will most likely kill them under your leadership. You can also use prosthetics as an additional weapon.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition [PC]

Re-release on re-release by re-release fit. Age of Empires II has been reprinted several times before, offering all sorts of improvements. So what awaits us this time? In fact, nothing new: tweaked textures, 4K support, improved soundtracks. It will also include the addition The Conquerors, which was released in 2000 for the original second part. In any case, if you are a fan of RTS then you should definitely wait for this game, since the genre is dead and it is never too late to replay the immortal classics.

Star Wars - Jedi: Fallen Order [PC, Xone, PS4]

Personally, I was really looking forward to this game, as I missed the good Star Wars projects. We are waiting for the story of Kel Kestis, who is one of the last Jedi. He shows his strength and the Inquisition of the Empire begins to hunt for him. The developer assures us that we will have a full use of power, elements of metroidvania, as well as a lightsaber that will feel like a lightsaber, not a glowing club. It's funny that this is a donut-free single-player game published by EA, who argued that singlepeelers are dead, microtransactions are the norm, and loot boxes are like kinder surprises.

I believe that the game will be on fire, because I believe in Respawn Entertainment, since these guys have never let me down. In addition, the script for the game is written by the blessed Chris Avellone, so there are plenty of reasons to wait for the game.

When? November 15

Shenmue 3 [PC, PS4]

Fans have been waiting for almost 20 years for Yu Suzuki to be born for a sequel. And now, after several transfers and changes of publishers, the continuation of the legend that began with the Dreamcast is finally coming out. Shenmue 3 starts in Bailu Village, which is in stark contrast to the streets of the Japanese suburbs in the first game and Hong Kong in the second. The village is located deep in the fog-shrouded mountains of Guilin, China. Ryo continues his long journey of revenge for his deceased father, who was killed by Lan Di. According to the developers, this is only a part of the complete story of Suzuki's conceived, so try not to die until he releases Shenmue 4 in another 20 years, and then in another 20 years - Shenmue 5. But we will be able to play the third part very soon.

When? November 19

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts [PC]

Wherever the sniper's belly has not been. New Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts invites us to go to Siberia. The open world should not be expected, but it is for the better. We were missing some bear rides to explore secret locations in search of boxes of vodka. But seriously, we are promised a variable mission passage.

These were the main projects of November, get your consoles and PCs ready!

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