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Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - gameplay secrets you might not know


The plot of The Last of Us Part 2 turned out to be so ambiguous that it easily divided the majority of gamers into two opposing camps with opposing points of view. Gameplay is another matter. It seems to us that it turned out to be at least no worse than the first game and, in addition to global innovations, acquired nuances that were not obvious at first glance. We will tell you about them in more detail, devoting a new guide The Last of Us Part 2 to gameplay secrets that you might not know about.

Opening safes by ear

Almost every safe in TLOUP2 is not only a source of valuable loot, but also an additional puzzle along the way, referring to similar safes from the Dishonored series or other representatives of the immersive sim genre. It is often not enough to find a piece of paper lying nearby with a written combination, as sometimes you have to look for clues in the environment, guided by notes from notes. However, you can easily do without intellectual tinsel, opening any safe in The Last of Us Part II, focusing on hearing.

The Last of Us Part 2 guide - gameplay secrets, oh which you might not know

The life hack is quite simple - slowly rotate the safe drum until you hear a click, which stands out with a slightly less sonorous sound. In fact, absolutely nothing complicated, but it is better to choose a combination with headphones or a good speaker system so as not to miss the right click.

Improved clickers

It would seem that it is really possible to make clickers even more dangerous, which, even in the first part, caused awe with the sounds of their gurgling bubbling due to the ultimate ability to kill with one hit. For example, “Some of us. Part 2 "we see that it turns out that clickers can be made more deadly without resorting to trivial methods like giving the infected full vision.

Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - gameplay secrets, oh which you might not know

The developers have worked much more gracefully and gave clickers the ability to echolocate, due to which they can easily detect even a stationary player. As soon as you notice that the clicker is turned in your direction and is preparing to make convulsive body movements - try to move to the side or even better - hide behind cover.

Aiming and heart rate

A few months before the release of the game, Naughty Dog was told that all characters, including Ellie and every opponent (not counting the infected), have a pulse that affects their behavior. As a result, many gamers, after passing the game, may come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than marketing fables. Otherwise, we would definitely see the consequences of the heart rate system, right? That's right, the presence of a pulse can be clearly seen in Ellie's example, which has a direct impact on the gameplay.

The Last of Us Part 2 Guide - Gameplay Secrets You May Not Know

Conduct an experiment: aim with a weapon in a normal setting and do the same, but only after a short marathon around the location. In the first case, you can see how the weapon wiggles slightly when, after a run, the sight moves from side to side, like a ship on the waves. Consider this moment when you are rapidly moving between cover.

The best positions for accurate shooting

Pretty obvious advice on The Last of Us Part II, which, nevertheless, should not be ignored, especially at high difficulty levels in conditions of scarcity of resources: the more stable Ellie's position, the less weapon swing and, therefore, the more accurate she is shoots. If you want to make an accurate headshot without attracting too much attention, then it is best to move to the squat position, and if visibility permits, lie on your stomach and from this position you need to try very hard to miss the enemy.

Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - gameplay secrets, oh which you might not know

Find Tracking

The following tip in the The Last of Ua Part II guide is recommended for those players who have finished their first playthrough and started New Game + with the intention of knocking out a platinum trophy. To get it, you will have to do, perhaps, one of the most hated routines - collect all the collectible items scattered in secluded corners of the locations. In order not to miss them, you can follow the classic method and follow the collectible guides step by step. But there is another way - go to the settings, the "interface" item and enable the "find tracking" setting, which will greatly facilitate the collection of trophies.

Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - gameplay secrets, oh which you might not know

Also, remember that in order to collect all the missing collectibles, you do not need to replay the entire game. You can select the desired episode from the main menu and at the same time see which items and in what quantity you missed at the location.

The last whistle of the Seraphites

The Seraphites in The Last of Us Part 2 are one of the most interesting joint discoveries of scriptwriters and game designers, capable of significantly diversifying the gameplay. Unlike the military from the WLF group, they move almost silently and only occasionally give out their further actions in words, preferring in most cases to whistle. However, an attentive player can use the methods of communication of the Seraphites to their advantage. For example, the whistle of one sectarian must be followed by a return whistle from another sectarian. If he did not ring out, then be sure - you are left alone with the seraphite and no one else will help him.

Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - gameplay secrets, oh which you might not know

For a few more tips on passing the game, we also suggest paying attention to our main guide, The Last of Us Part II.

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