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Brain-blowing puzzles and riddles


Puzzles are often added to games. Not only quests, but other genres as well. Sometimes they are quite light, like in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, sometimes they require perseverance, like in The Witness. And sometimes that piano puzzle in the first Silent Hill that broke more than one brain. Puzzles in games, it happens, cross the line and become crazy how difficult, which discourages the desire to play. It is about such riddles that we decided to remember today.

Silent Hill Piano Riddle

Since we remembered Silent Hill, let's start with her. The whole series is quite intellectual and often, in order to pass it, you need to either have high knowledge in literature, or solid erudition and intelligence. This, of course, applies to puzzles at a high level of difficulty [if anyone does not know, in the classic four of Silent Hill you choose not only the difficulty level of the game, but also the additional difficulty level of the puzzles].

However, the mystery of the piano with the bloody keys at school took the mind out of absolutely everyone. On the wall beside him was the clue "Song of the Voiceless Birds." Several keys were deaf and covered in blood


The solution was to correctly assign each bird to the key. And this is quite difficult, since you need to screw in attentiveness and logic to the maximum. Another problem is that if you played the version with one of the unofficial translations, which, of course, were clumsy, you might not have solved anything at all. The version is especially famous in which the translator wrote in place of the hint that he did not understand how to translate it at all and let the players think for themselves.

Code of Shakespeare in Silent Hill 3


But the literary skills mentioned above had to be applied in Silent Hill 3. You had to get the code by correctly placing Shakespeare's volumes in a row. The clue is a long poem that referred to the works of the author. At high difficulty, everything was more difficult. To begin with, it was difficult to simply arrange the books based on a non-superficial description of the works. Even when you did this, you had to read the last line, based on which you had to remove some numbers from the combination, and multiply others. And everything is natural with references to tragedies.

Baby laugh at PT

One of the reasons PT is so popular is that it has an insane mystery that has sparked a wave of hype among streamers. In the end, to leave the house, you need to make the baby's embryo in the sink laugh three times. And honestly, I don’t know who are the geniuses who came up with the solution. To do this, you had to perform a number of actions.


First, when the clock strikes midnight, you need to take 10 steps and stop. The first laugh will be heard. After, you need to start speaking into the headset connected to your gamepad, the name Jerith, and repeat it until you hear another laugh. And then the gamepad starts vibrating and you need to freeze, not look around. Then laughter will sound a third time.

Owl in Metal Gear

Let's not dwell on one Kojima game. In the first Metal Gear, you need to get into a building, the entrance to which is blocked by laser gates. They are turned off only at night. Well, ok, let's wait the night. But it will not be in the game, and you can wait indefinitely.

It turned out that you need to find an egg in one of the warehouses and go with it for a certain time. Then an owl will hatch from the egg. Next, you need to think of bringing the owl to the gate so that it starts hooting. Then the guard will think that night has come and will turn off the gate himself.

The Door to Dishonored 2

This is one of those mysteries that made us go back to the Silent Hill piano in 2016. Before you is a door and a long sheet with the text of the riddle. It talks about how several women at a party lost family values and you need to understand which woman belonged to this or that value, focusing on hints in a ton of text.


The problem is that the answers were always generated randomly, so the answer could not be found on the Internet. So sit and think, creating a complex schedule for yourself to understand what's what.

Printing tickets for Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango is the benchmark in the adventure gaming genre. It is not devoid of ingenious puzzles, but it also has some annoying moments. The most difficult and voluminous puzzle was ticket printing for the second year of the game.


Getting a hint on how to make these tickets is difficult, as it requires careful passage and communication with other characters. As a result, many simply skipped them and could not progress further.

Silent Hill 2 Locked Box and Cockroach Room

At one point, you came across a box under the locks, and to open it, you had to get a sheet with a code from a typewriter. Only in the USA version of the game there was nothing on it. Therefore, it remained only to transfer the save to the original version and do everything humanly. And if you are not boom boom in English, then do it all over again, moving the saves back to the USA version.

There was another similar puzzle in the game, which suffered from the crooked version of the game. We found ourselves in a room with cockroaches. And to get out of it, you had to press the correct key combination, which was generated by accident. And you need to press the worn keys. For some reason, all the keys were muddy and I couldn't get through the game. Again, only in the original English version did they appear.

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