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Top Puzzle Games for Android in 2018


Smartphone touch controls offer a unique opportunity to play puzzles. Carrying your smartphone with you in your pocket, you can devote a minute to these games anywhere. Some of them will be described below.

The Room Game Line

Popular Android game franchise. This includes three games that will tear you out of reality for hours. They are reminiscent of the classic computer games Myst and Siberia, straining the brain and offering eye-catching visuals.

The last game in this series is The Room: Old Sins. The plot focuses on a creepy doll house that is found in the attic of a beautiful engineer's house. Using a mysterious lens, you must search for secrets hidden in this dollhouse and unravel the circumstances of the disappearance of the engineer and his wife.

Control consists of gestures on the screen and double tap to focus on the object. As you progress through you will find objects that will help you go further. The further, the more plot twists open in the notebook.

All games are quite long and complicated, so it won't be easy to play through them. In addition, games are paid, but if you like these, then the money will not be spent in vain.


Dissembler is a colorful and soothing puzzle game that looks deceivingly simple. Here you need to swap tiles, each level requires you to turn them over to match colors. Over time, the puzzles become more and more complex.

Today there are over 120 levels here and there are no time and move limits, no in-game purchases or ads.

Bridge Constructor Portal

An excellent physics-based puzzle spin-off of the Portal universe with added elements from Aperture Laboratories. Your task is to test vehicles; you will use portals, gels with jet thrust and shocks to help you avoid deadly lasers, acid traps, machine gun turrets.


Surprisingly interesting and exciting game with numbers, where you have to move on the grid and compare numbers. You need to use a strategy, because if you fill the board and the movement ends, the game will also end.

You can pay and get rid of ads so that they do not distract in the process. The free version is also good, but the longer you play, the more ads you'll have to watch. If you get involved, you won't want to waste your time.

Two Dots

Like the best puzzle games, this one is addictive and challenging to master. This is a sequel to the popular game Dots, the main task remains the same. You need to connect the maximum number of dots with the same color. More than 900 levels are available in the new game.

When you pass the first 10 levels, which is a guide, the Treasure Hunt-style linear origins begin. After reaching level 35, another mode appears called Expedition.

There are no ads in this game, you may like the unique visual style. There are in-house purchases to help you get through the basics of difficult locations.

Monument Valley 1 & 2

Monument Valley is award-winning and has great art style and sound design. You play as a princess who must find her way through fantastic structures. They can be manipulated to complete the path.

The controls are simple, to move you click on the screen, you can move objects. This intuitive walkthrough allows you to look at things from different points of view. If you've never seen a Monument Valley puzzle before, it's worth giving this a try. There is the original game and a new chapter called Ida's Dream, as well as Forgotten Shores with eight new sections in the form of in-game purchases.

Monument Valley 2 is also worthy of a mention.

Brain It On

Physics-based puzzles that require lateral thinking to complete each level. Use your finger or stylus to draw lines, shapes, objects. The difficulty grows over time, there are more than 200 levels in total. Ultimately, you have to go back and visit the completed levels in order to get three stars and unlock new ones. Stars are given for completing a level in a certain time.

This game has many options for solutions at each level, it is fun to play as a group.

Hitman Go

The first franchise in this series, which continues to be one of the best. You play as Agent 47 and must sneak past the guards in the same manner as in the full Hitman games on computers and consoles. You need to disguise yourself, distract enemies, use sniper rifles and pistols.

There are many ways to complete each level, including silently or through. You choose what kind of assassin you will be, trying to get close to the main targets.

Lara Croft GO

Tomb Raider returns and adds mystery to turn-based puzzles. Lara Croft is athletic and not afraid of adventure, this game shows it in all its glory. Here you need to dodge traps and deadly enemies. There are over 100 levels available throughout 6 chapters. This game has received quality awards and attracts with its excellent looks and game mechanics.

Deus Ex GO

The latest franchise and the best for some. The appearance reflects the style of cyberpunk, new gameplay elements will unravel complex puzzles, penetrating into a well-guarded fortress.

This is the most complete story among the three games, there are time puzzles and a level editor, so you can design and share with other players.

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