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Super spoiler 8. ”Outpost” or the Tale of how stupid aliens wanted to seize the Earth


Driven by the general excitement, a bloated advertising campaign and flattering reviews from friends, we did not even notice how we ended up in the cinema. After sitting in it for about three hours (counting the advertisement), we went out and immediately tried to figure out what we actually saw. It worked out with difficulty. The unfinished script of the picture with might and main opposed this.

Judging by the trailers and the budget of a third of a billion, Outpost was supposed to be a real masterpiece. But, once again, either it was not filmed according to what was written, or it was not written for filming. What went wrong? What questions remained unanswered?

Description of the movie "Outpost"

Yes, let's start with him, darling, and then we'll take everything apart on the shelves. Although, before us, a masterpiece from Yegor Baranov who just did not ruffle. Therefore, we will try to limit ourselves to only those naive and clumsy moments that, for some reason, respected critics with experience have not noticed.

We will not retell the plot of the film "Outpost" in detail, for anyone interested, it is on Wikipedia. Let's expose the main backbone, so to speak. But, unfortunately, it will look like one huge spoiler, so everyone who is going to check out the masterpiece for the first time should read what we got hot after watching.


In the near future, shameless aliens decide to attack Mother Earth again, who, suddenly, for no reason at all, have lost their own home. And it was our planet that turned out to be the most suitable for them. The plan to "cleanse" the Earth from unnecessary biological waste was invented by them 200,000 years ago. At the same time, a ship with two aliens - Id and Ra (again poor Ra, who, I remember, had already been soaked once in the "Stargate"), was sent to our system by the method of hyperjumping. Its goal was to destroy the dominant race on Earth at that time by the method of spreading a dangerous virus that would take away the hated creatures. This virus was humanity, which was brought to our planet by these two sent aliens.

Humanity, whose DNA was programmed to “multiply and destroy”, multiplied and destroyed, in some strange way (all this is from the words of one of the aliens - Ida) displacing the former strong race from the planet. And now the moment has come when a ship with extraterrestrial colonists flies up to our planet, which, unlike the spacecraft Ida and Ra, does not have a hyperdrive and moves at near-light speed.

What does this mean? This means that the time has come to get rid of the virus itself - people, in order to prepare the planet for settlement. According to Ida, everything had to happen in three “waves”:

  • The first wave is the decommissioning of power plants and other energy sources.
  • The second wave is the complete destruction of the biological organisms of the planet with the help of sophisticated radiation.
  • The third wave is the destruction of residues that may remain after global irradiation.

By the way, Id called the sowing of the virus on the planet, that is, people, "zero wave".

First wave

All over the Earth, as it was seen from space, the electricity went out. The lights did not go out only in one part of the globe, in a correctly rounded location, which partially included Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, USA, etc. Moscow, by a lucky chance, also found itself in the perimeter of the “Circle of Life”.

Second wave

Through radiation, all people and animals outside the Circle of Life were zombified and turned into controlled puppets. In particular, one of the outposts was attacked by a flock of bears, although bears are not flock animals. They tore people apart, the soldiers barely managed to shoot them.

Third wave

Controlled Zombified people from outside the perimeter (from the quarantine zone), attack the outposts and the inhabitants of the Circle of Life in order to make the last and final cleanup from the virus. Tomorrow, a ship with extraterrestrial colonists is due to arrive, of which, according to Ida, millions will arrive here.


It is already clear that one of the aliens - Id - is for us. He insists on destroying partner Ra, and then everything will end there, and all the surviving people will be able to start multiplying anew and create their new civilization. Arriving colonists, whom he considered dead long ago, he (according to him) with the help of people is going to destroy.

Having amassed a group of warriors, Id goes in search of Ra. After the wave of radiation among people, people with supernormal abilities began to be identified, who were called "senses". Id himself could not track the location of Ra, but he did it with the help of one of the senses. Ra showed up in Kirov. The group arrives there and deals with him. Ra and Id are fighting hand-to-hand, but one of the people who threw himself from a skyscraper with Ra put an end to it.

An alien ship arrives at the place of the showdown. Doors open. The heroes who survived after the fight with Ra enter there and, finding the aliens sleeping in the capsules, begin to cut the channels that feed the cryosystem. The aliens die without waking up. People spared only the children of the aliens.


This film ends.

Questions the sea has raised

Let's not go into such idiotic roughness as, for example, a special forces soldier who, hearing a rustle in a container, opens his door standing right in front of it, although he had to quiet down by all the rules from the side with a weapon at the ready. There are a lot of such small rough edges in the film "Outpost". But we will not squander them and will dig deeper and more globally.

Zero wave

Let's start with the idiotic "zero wave" and the arrival of the aliens Ida and Ra on Earth 200,000 years ago. It is not entirely clear how they were encrypted from the advanced race of the forerunners and how they "sowed" a virus called humans. Indeed, according to Ida, the dominant race on Earth at that time was not like humans in development.


By the way, according to him, they were the ones who built the pyramids and underwater cities.

But the advanced race did not smell the trick and, somehow, ceased to exist, supplanted by the multiplying and bloodthirsty people. Considering that the process of reproduction and repression, according to the most conservative estimates, should have been going on for a thousand (at least) years, the forerunners were still those brakes, since they did not smell the trouble under their noses.

Global catastrophe in the alien star system

Id, during interrogation by the GRU Lieutenant Colonel Osmalovskaya, said that the reason for the resettlement of the alien race to Earth lies in the cooling of the star of their system. But, wait a minute, the process of expansion and then complete cooling of the star is very long and will take a huge time period, during which such an advanced race can find a way out of the situation as long as possible. The star is cooling down because it runs out of fuel for nuclear reactions, which developed aliens could be transported from other systems. Sounds like crazy? No more than instantaneous movement in space using a hyperdrive.

And nothing more than an idiotic plan to cleanse the Earth from the dominant race with the help of another, artificially sown race, stretched over 200,000 years. During such a time, with the capabilities of aliens who have harnessed hyperspace, any of hundreds and thousands of others can be turned into a heavenly planet.

Dancing around the hyperdrive and the idiotic plan of destruction

And what kind of nonsense is traveling through space at sublight speed? We will not go into the details of the structure of the ship's engine, which operates on a vacuum (after all, where else can you find fuel for a journey of 200,000 years?). Let's just estimate the very absurdity of the situation. The scouts moved instantly with the help of the hyperdrive, and the main population had to move at a snail's speed.


You can, of course, assume that they had nowhere to live, and cleaning up a suitable "place of residence" takes a lot of time. But, excuse me, what is this nonsense? In a couple of years (if not months) with their mental potential, one could come up with such types of weapons, including chemical and bacterial ones, capable of destroying all life on the planet in a matter of minutes.

What prevented Ida and Ra from ramming a deadly virus to the ground, which, sprayed into the atmosphere, would destroy all life on the planet in no time? What? How to live on such a planet after that? Well, dear ones, even now and even by stupid people, in parallel with the new virus, its antidote is being prepared. It would be no harder for such cunning and advanced creatures to clear the planet from infection than to infect it.

Thus, after a fairly short period of time, the Earth would be completely ready for settlement. And there would be no need to contact people, and also to lie for 200,000 years in cryochambers (or whatever they have for cameras). Cut in the hyperdrive, and in a moment you are in place. Easy and simple.

Discord between partners

It is noteworthy that of all the applicants for the role of "spy scouts", the aliens chose the most stupid and unreliable individuals. Let's not touch Ra, let us give the example of Ida, about whom we know much more. He went against the intended plan when he allowed a huge number of people to survive. Why? The film did not answer.

Id and Ra fell out at some point, and it happened, as we understand it, just during the first and second waves, that is, just now. What was the reason why Id wanted to stab Ra? Secret. One can speculate, but in the film itself they did not say a word about it.

Why did Id decide that the ship had died a long time ago? Why did he think that all his compatriots were long dead? On what conclusions were his conclusions based? Not clear.

Moon Shadow and Paradox Impulse

It turned out very interesting with the "shadow of the moon". At the moment the impulse was launched, which de-energized the entire globe and turned people and other terrestrial creatures into zombie puppets, the territory named in the film "Circle of Life" was just beyond the Moon. That is, the Moon at that time was in such a position that it blocked a small area of the earth's surface from the source of the pulse. According to Ida, he deliberately activated the pulse-generating device at that moment.


Well, good. Hence, it turns out that the impulse has a structure of waves of a rectilinear nature. Such are capable of "hitting targets" only by falling directly on the targets themselves. It is not clear why the walls of the buildings could not, in this case, protect part of the population that was in them.

Closer to Earth, do the pulse waves become wider and more diffuse? May be. Also, some may say that the moon is not like the walls of buildings. Good. But what about the other side of the globe? If the waves could not "fly around" some unfortunate satellite, how could they round out and affect the side of the planet, inaccessible to the impulse waves?

Not clear. Moreover, it is ridiculous. There should not be such idiotic "assumptions", or rather, "omissions" for the sake of an already idiotic scenario.

Ra invented religion, love, etc.

Love is a feeling that helps the male human individual to choose the most suitable woman for himself, from whom he can conceive healthy offspring. Yes, for the right to own this particular female, the male is ready to gnaw the throats of many. But the mind helps people to deal with such impulses, and the line of what is permitted in our DNA, nevertheless, is laid. Those who do not have it at the root can be safely called sick in the head.

Someone can cite Buckingham as an example, who started a war with France because of his love for Anne of Austria. Believe me, Britain at that time was full of reasons for the war without an idiotic love story, by and large invented and inflated by hacks. And Anna of Austria herself was not so beautiful as to desire her to such an extent.


As for religion - and completely nonsense. There are too many religions. How many peoples, so many beliefs. Did Ra really work to "sow" his interpretation of God in every nation? Nonsense. You can say as much as you like that initially all peoples had one religion, and then it split into different "categories", historians and archaeologists will find a lot of evidence that refutes this nonsense theory and confirms the originality of the basic beliefs.

Forgotten nuclear power plants

Why do all screenwriters who love to write about all sorts of zombies and other apocalypses forget that across our planet, even today (not talking about the future), more than 190 nuclear power plants are simultaneously operating with a total number of power units approaching 450 ? We all know what a rustle was made only by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where only one of its power units exploded.

By and large, a large-scale catastrophe was avoided only thanks to the efforts of Soviet hard workers, who, of their own free will, risking their lives (and in some cases at the cost of their own lives) managed to "bury" the exploded power unit under the ground and concrete. p>


A nuclear power plant is a high-tech structure that generates electricity, but is itself powered by electricity. If the light is turned off, the emergency system can start the diesel engine, on which the cooling system will work for some time, during which people will have to take measures to restore power. But people in this case are kirdyk. There is no one to top up diesel fuel in diesel tanks. Therefore, in all nuclear power plants, after some time, an uncontrolled chain reaction should begin, which will inevitably lead to the melting of the reactors. This will not cause much destruction, but so much radiation will be released into the planet's atmosphere that all life on our ball will end. Only flies, amoebas, some bacteria and archaea will survive. Even cockroaches that are sufficiently resistant to high doses of radiation will die.

In this light, everything that happens in the film is not fantasy, but complete nonsense.

The meaning of the life of the gods who do not have mouth and genitals

When your home is destroyed, of course, you will have to move to another. But all the houses are occupied. And you really want to live. Winter is around, and you will simply freeze. Therefore, you will go to the extreme step, throw someone out of his house to occupy him yourself. But in order to want to live, you need an incentive. Otherwise, is it worth the candle?

I wonder what is the meaning of life for our familiar aliens? We are aware that they have no genitals, which means that the pleasure of sex is not available to them. They do not have a mouth, only something that vaguely resembles a split female genital organ in its place, which means that the pleasure of eating is not available to them either. They don't even have a nose, which means they can't enjoy smells either. Only one thing remains - the mind. They have excellent advanced brains and they see the meaning of life in knowing the universe until the end of time.

And these "progressive discoverers", moreover - immortals, were recognized to the point that they were ready to squeeze out of the light a new race of people, albeit raised by them, to save their own skin. Some kind of absurdity. Interrogated, called.

Idiotic Ship Defense

How naive, gullible and self-confident aliens should be, who have not equipped their ship with basic means of protection in the form of the same, for example, a force field or something else.

We see complete recklessness in this matter. Yes, Eid mentioned something about the fact that when an alarm is received, the ship will land in a different mode. But nevertheless, the alarm signal could not have been received simply because the scouts at that time had died long ago.


Even the "Pandorum" had its own shift on duty. And then why is everyone sleeping? The door is down, welcome, kill us left and right, please.

It's not entirely clear why the aliens were in cryosleep at all. After all, judging by at least 200,000-year-old Idu and Ra, they are immortal. Probably they were afraid of idleness. But it was still necessary to leave the shift on duty. Considering that there are millions of them on board, they would have to be on duty quite a bit. And, besides, only once for the entire trip.

A paradox, and nothing else.

About repetitive impulse

What prevented Ra from getting into the ship, going up into space and launching a second impulse over the "Circle of Life"? Even if the installation resource has been exhausted for some reason, why not stamp small directional emitters?

Instead, Ra is stuck in an idiotic war of lesser creatures. And this is an entity that considers itself "almost God" ...

Very strange.

And many more questions

Why should aliens breed if they are immortals? Where did they get the kids on the ship, which "evil" people left alive? Is it genetically engineered? How will they live on a planet stinking with corpses and saturated with radiation? Plus, I would like to know why there is so much self-interest in immortal creatures? Why did one want to kill the other? Wanted power? Why power in a world of immortals, deprived of genitals?

These are global issues that you don't even want to think about. Almost all of them are meaningless and lead nowhere.

But we have not touched on the main global theme around which the whole plot is built, the theme of the divine principle, if not all that exists, then at least only humanity. But it was wiped out in order on other sites, including KinoPoisk. Anyone interested can read what other "commentators" think about it. We're going to round off a little.

Box office and rental

The film "Avanpost", with all the breadth of advertising efforts, has collected in USA only about 150 million rubles against the three hundred million spent on its production and marketing. Not much. But, given that the film has yet to be released in the USA, Germany, etc., it is very possible that the film will beat the budget.

But, alas, Bykov will have to say goodbye to dreams of a dilogy.

Conclusion: On Human DNA

In conclusion, we want to touch on the topic of human DNA. In simple terms, the first thing that any molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid of any living creature is geared towards is survival. The same is inherent in human DNA. And, judging by the desire to survive at any cost - in the molecules of aliens too.


Thus, Ida's statement that human DNA is programmed to "reproduce and kill" applies equally well to them. After all, they multiply, since a host of children is found on the ship. And they kill to survive, just like humans.

So, dear Id, people were created not only in your "image and likeness" in the physical plane, which you transparently hinted at to us, but also in the moral. But about spirituality ... Yes, to the point. Here, dear Id, it is still up to people to "cognize and cognize".

So why, tell me, then there was all this highly moral fuss? So we don't know. But filmed beautifully.

All for you, and more cool movies and TV shows!

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