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Sony wants to send Afflecks to Afghanistan

Image Recently, the press has often discussed the further fate of Ben Affleck in the cinematic universe DC , and even though the actor is no longer listed as the director of the new "Batman", he had the opportunity to find a new project. The Tracking Board reports that Affleck is in talks to lead the war drama Red Platoon for Sony >.

In 2009, Clinton Romeshi and his squad were preparing to close Keating Outpost, the most remote and hard-to-reach US military outpost in Nuristan. Three years after its construction, the leadership finally made the obvious decision to close the outpost, since it was too dangerous to defend it. On October 3, 2009, after many small attacks, the Taliban decided to throw all their forces into the capture of Keating. The battle for the outpost lasted more than ten hours, and the losses of the US Army and allies amounted to eight people. The new film will be based on the memoirs of Romeshey , who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

Sony wants to play the lead role in the film Oscar Casey Affleck , and if he agrees, he and his brother will work together for the first time since directorial debut of Ben , the crime drama Goodbye Baby, Goodbye. Since then, the senior Affleck has successfully collaborated with Warner Bros. , and therefore working with him is of great importance for Sony , even if the last project at the moment Bena and turned out to be a failure.


The film will be produced by Josh Bratman (The Shepherd), George Clooney and his Smokehouse Pictures co-star Grant Heslov (The Financial Monster), and Kerry Foster (The Survivor). The last draft was written by Adam Kozad ("Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory"), but if negotiations with the elder Affleck are successful, he will probably invite other authors to rework the text according to his vision.

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Author: Jake Pinkman