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Super spoiler. Issue 2. Is there anything good about the El Royale hotel? This grandmother said in two


The detective thriller Nothing Good at the Hotel El Royale is still playing in cinemas (at least in ours), and film critics, both professional and homegrown, are already splashing saliva with delight over this masterpiece ... And this despite the fact that the world premiere of the tape took place on September 27, and the film to this day, with its budget of 32 million dollars, has collected only a measly 16 million. Let's figure out what the secret of this paradox is.


The style of the film is reminiscent of Tarantino's moves. He has this - to gather a small crowd in one room and make them understand each other. And on the hike, lay out timebacks to the audience, which explain how this or that character got to the current position. It's all one to one. A motley crowd gathers at the hotel, after which a Tarantino-style showdown occurs between them.

Further, all the material turns into a spoiler. People who are going to see this masterpiece should refrain from reading it. We invite those who have already attended the premiere to share with us our point of view regarding this "creation."

The beginning of the mess

Ten years ago, Doc O'Kelly and his company robbed the cashiers, and after a small showdown between accomplices, Doc hid some money in one of the rooms of the El Royal Hotel under the floorboards. After 10 years of imprisonment, released on parole with the beginnings of Alzheimer's disease, he arrives at the hotel for money, disguised as a holy father.

Black singer Darlene Sweet (Cynthia Erivo), impudent young lady Emily Summerspring (Dakota Johnson) and undercover cop Dwight Broderick (John Hamm), posing as Laray's salesman Seamor Sullivan, are staying at the hotel along the way.


As it turned out, the El Royale hotel was conceived so that it could be used in order to extract compromising evidence and blackmail visitors. It is not clear who the "firm" was dealing with compromising evidence. But it is definitely clear that the only employee of the hotel worked for them - a certain receptionist Miles Miller (Lewis Pullman).

The detective reveals the inside story of the hotel. Having found a whole bunch of bugs in his room, he, in addition, finds a secret passage behind all the rooms, through the back of the mirrors of which you can observe everything that happens in each room. Through the mirror of another room, he witnesses how the impudent girl Emily pulls the body of another young girl out of the trunk and, dragging her into his room, ties her to a chair.

He reports everything to the department. He is told not to interfere and focus on the production of compromising tape, on which some bump is filmed, apparently with some whore. Along the way, he is ordered to somehow detain everyone in the hotel.

Doc, who has rummaged through the floor in his room and has not found money, suspects that due to his progressive Alzheimer's, he simply mixed up the numbers. He lures a black singer from a nearby room into a bar, where he tries to give her sleeping pills. But the cunning wench cut through everything and stunned him with a blow to the head with a "blunt heavy object".

Having run out into the parking lot (the darkness has already thickened), she decides to make her legs, but sees that the salesman has gone crazy and pulls out the candlesticks from the wires under the hoods. She hides in her car, trying to start it along the way. It doesn't work for her.

The policeman, having finished with the cars, goes to rescue the girl from the clutches of the impudent woman. But the impudent woman kills him with a shotgun. During the shot, the policeman was near the mirror, and part of the shot hits the porter Miles, who was standing on the other side of it. All this was seen through the open door of the room by a black singer, unsuccessfully trying to start her car.

Further events and resolution

As it turned out, at that time on the other side of the mirror were Miles and Doc, to whom he wanted to confess, because he believed that he was a real padre. The tied girl turned out to be the kidnapper's younger sister, whose name was Rosie (Kaylee Spany). The elder sister stole her from the grasping clutches of the local sect leader Billy Lee (Chris Hemsworth).

Dumb Rosie called Billy and told him that her sister had kidnapped her, and that he and his thugs dragged into the hotel. Just at that moment, the newly found common language black singer Darlene and Doc tried to escape from him with money.


Crazy Billy puts all the connected characters at the roulette table and the denouement begins. He asks them questions, they play around, he shoots the sister of the turned Rosie (she, ksati, did not react to this in any way). The black singer brazenly reined in him verbally, having sawed into his face the truth of the uterus that he was a simple human who loves to survive at the expense of the weak. At this moment, the light goes out (it was bad weather outside), the dock bumps into Bill and the final mess begins, in which it turns out that the squishy porter Miles (Ha!) Is a real professional hitman.

Spurred on by the moral promises of Darlene, still tied up, he, having grabbed for a weapon, instantly ends all the bad guys and the arrogant Billy - including. But he was stabbed to death by the stupid youngster Rosie, who spit on the death of her sister, but did not spit on the death of Billy. Doc shot her.

In general, the singer and Doc survived the chaos, and they are shown at the end. They are in Reno, he, all in white, sits in the center of the hall with other spectators, a black Darlene comes out to sing. What happiness! And on that super positive note, the credits go.

Some questions


There were a lot of shoals in the film, but we will focus on the three main, most idiotic:

  • First of all, why put so many bugs in one issue, with all that placing them in the most obvious places? It was enough to have a couple - one skillfully inserted into the countertop near the phone, the second under the wallpaper near the bed. In that case, nobody would find them 100%.
  • Secondly, why didn't anyone notice the lack of 2 meters of "living space" behind their rooms? Some people, on a subconscious level, feel the discrepancy between the areas and would like to ask what they have behind the room.
  • Thirdly, it is not clear how you managed to lure the powerful people into such idiotic traps? If this is a really powerful person, his people will make sure that he does not wander around third-rate hotels that look more like "self-service motels".

By the way, in such a hotel one single person cannot work - in principle. But apparently, we do not need to know about this.

Stupid translation of the title

The name “Bad Times at the El Royale”, literally meaning “Bad times in El Royale”, was for some reason changed by our cinematographers into “Nothing good at the Hotel El Royale”. But how, nothing good? You can even argue with this:

  • Doc, whatever one may say, successfully hid it for 10 years and got his money back.
  • The singer has got the opportunity for career growth on stage.
  • The Vietnam veteran receptionist has found the peace he has been waiting for.
  • The world got rid of the upstart and parasite Billy Lee, who corrupts youngsters and fouls their brains.
  • The incriminating evidence of a certain politician was burned along with the hotel, so that the country will not be convulsed about what bad people it has.
  • The good thing can even be seen in the fact that this brothel has finally burned down, and it will not be robbed of a dollar for those who want to drink, settling in the California wing.

It is clear that our brave "renamers" of films renamed this tape without reading its contents, which, alas, happens more often than we want.

Why did the film fail at the box office?

The following can be said about this. In order for the picture to "go", you do not need to shoot vague trailers, in which you will not understand much, so there is also no hint of intrigue. Also, don't skimp on ads.

Yes, Tarantino has similar films. But they are successful, firstly, because there the characters are spelled out from and to, and secondly, more rigidity, and, thirdly, passions are heated to the limit. And here ... No sooner had someone quietly farted, as everyone was unanimously empty. And this is the end of the fairy tale. And the ending, in addition, is too happy-endian.

In addition to everything in the film, there are no robots, superheroes in women's leotards, who are so eager to kick between their legs, chases, sophisticated murders, monsters, ghosts and other special effects. And this is not good for a movie with rather weak advertising nowadays.

Probably, there was not enough money for advertising because the world famous supervenger Thor Chris Hemsworth grabbed a third of the film's budget.


But we should give him his due - if his face had not been lit up in this film, the cart called "Bad Times at the El Royale" would not have gone far on only the elderly Jeff Bridges.


Although, as time has shown, she has not gone so far. The only thing left for the activists is to hope for renting a picture for showing on TV channels and selling DVD discs or copies on the Internet, which are bought with a scratch today.

Such is the case with the El Royale hotel. On this we say goodbye to the next release, all the best to you and more cool films!

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Author: Jake Pinkman