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Don't Get Around: 10 Worst Games of 2019


The names of the best of this year have been announced at The Game Awards. But the title of the best is only one side of the coin, and when we turn it over, we find the worst. For example, Metacritic has made its top ten worst games of the year, which has garnered dire reviews across all platforms. Here are our 10 worst games of 2019. In many ways, it agrees with the findings of Metacritic.

10. Anthem

Launching Anthem, you will not leave the question: "How could this even happen?" The answer lies in the Kotaku investigation. The game still had problems with the demo, but when it came out, it became clear to everyone that it was a failure.


It's especially sad that this is Bioware's creation. The studio that gave us juicy RPGs like KOTOR and the Mass Effect trilogy. Now she's the one to disappoint the players.

The game does have some things that make it good, for example, meaty shooting and good flight physics ... But they are not remembered as something special, plus the story resembles a strange mixture of comedy and tragedy with silly dialogues and situations. It is very surprising that people did not want to return their money for this.


Submersed does nothing to nudge the story forward. Playing on the idea that we should be afraid of sharks, the story unfolds under the surface of the ocean. However, it leaves a lot to be desired.


The narrative is short and underdeveloped, and the enemies are frustratingly difficult. Also, Submersed is full of bugs and bugs that interfere with the passage and prevent the game from reaching its full potential as a horror.

8.Crackdown 3

Nine years after the release of the last game, Crackdown 3 promised a large, completely collapsing open world, plus Terry Crews was in the game. However, anyone who has played Crackdown 3 knows how far from the truth all the promises were.


This is a very boring game in which we destroy identical objects and lure out the boss, and then we repeat that is all. It's one thing when it's fun like Just Cause 2, where we're wreaking havoc on a massive scale. It's another matter when it's also boring like in Crackdown

3. Worst of all, marketing has vastly overestimated Crews' involvement - yes, we're playing for him, but that hardly matters. It rarely happens that a sandbox of this magnitude is lifeless and unremarkable.

7.WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 is the first game in the series not developed by Yuke in 20 years. Instead, it was created by Visual Concepts. But a lot of what made WWE 2K19 a great game was simply missing from WWE 2K20, as the game was just one big bugged piece of shit.


What's more, many features that were available in 2K19 are now completely removed, including the online mode.



You probably didn't even know about the Dollhouse horror, let alone play it. However, Dollhouse deserves a mention for how problematic the game is. For starters, it consists of boring and disgusting puzzles. The appearance also does not help her - it lacks elementary effects, like fog. All of this undermines the game's efforts to create a tense atmosphere, and the monochromatic color scheme sometimes makes it difficult to see important things.

5.Contra: Rogue Corps


The main problem with Contra: Rogue Corps is that it's not Contra at all. The classic Contra was one of the mainstream side-scrolling shooters from the arcade days of the late 1980s to hitting the NES in 1988. And now the heir, who came almost 30 years later, does not pay tribute to his ancestor. Adapting what was traditionally a simple 2D shooter into an odd semblance of top down with elements of third-person shooting has led to the fact that there is nothing in common between the old and the new game.

4.Blades of Time

Blades of Time was originally released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and then hit Nintendo Switch earlier this year


While the game was received moderately when released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the Nintendo Switch version shows that the developers didn't try at all.

Visually, Blades of Time looks great on Switch, but the hack and slash gameplay feels dated compared to other great titles in the genre, like Astral Chain for the Switch, or the Bayonetta series. Even the old Devil May Cry games that have been ported this year to new platforms are more enjoyable to play. Unfortunately, Blades of Time is a product of its time.

3.Generation Zero

It was a highly anticipated survival game in a world occupied by robots. In the 1980s Sweden setting, we had to take a long journey in high-tech cars, using cool weapons against enemies. Despite such a cool plot, Generation Zero throws players into a desert world devoid of life, inhabited mainly by giant robots that kill people.


While this may seem like an interesting premise to some, critics point out that surviving in such an open world with an uninteresting story and repetitive combat cycle sucks. Also, Generation Zero is unfinished and unpolished.

2.Eternity: The Last Unicorn


Eternity: The Last Unicorn aimed to combine the influence of mid-90s 3D RPGs with early platformers into a coherent whole. Unfortunately, the game is so imbalanced that it is impossible to complete it. She simply does not give any pleasure, even in banal pumping of her character. This game tried to be a la the first God of War, but it turned out badly. I'm not even talking about a bad camera.

1.Left Alive


But Left Alive was supposed to be a cool action game that mixes elements of stealth and combat with mechs, drawing obvious parallels with the Metal Gear Solid series. Alas, the game turned out to be a disappointment with silly AI, cumbersome control system, terrible level design that encourages you to run around the level trying to do something. Throw in bad voice acting, bugs in soundtrack, and pointless choices.

These are the worst games of 2019, and if you want to wash away the terrible aftertaste after them, you can read the material on The Game Awards.

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