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Top 10 Best Movies of November


Despite the fact that there are still two whole months before the New Year, some masters of cinema, such as, for example, Artur Pinkhasov, are already starting to push the New Year theme into people. But in general, the top 10 best films of November included films on topics that are far from festive.

And with great pride we announce that in the top ten, that is, the most expected, this time there were as many as four USA paintings. But let's start, nevertheless, with the very best. And in the first place we have a picture, shot after good old Stephen King, called ...

1. Doctor Sleep (USA)

November 7

Indeed, the film is based on the novel of the same nameStephen Kingand is its continuation, although the action in it takes place many years after what happened in the Overlook hotel, that is, in the first book.

It's all about the same Danny Torrance, who in the first novel "The Shining" was still quite a toddler. Having reached the age of forty, Danny finally learns that not only old hotels, but also, oddly enough, vampires like to eat children with certain psychic and other non-standard abilities.

The now matured Torrance Jr. is a drunk who could not resist following in the footsteps of Torrance Sr. The green serpent bound him, poor fellow, hand and foot. And he works part-time in a local hospice, where he makes it easier for the elderly to retire.

By chance Danny stumbles upon a little girl who, like him, "shines", that is, has some extraordinary skills, such as, for example, how to transmit and read thoughts at a distance. Then he learns that the local "vampire group" is hunting her, and, of course, is trying with all his might to save the girl from the ghouls.

To what extent will it go this time? Will Danny die a brave death in the end, as usually happens with the main characters of King's works? One can only guess. Moreover, even a book will not help here. After all, screenwriters are famous for their ability to change everything in their own way.

2. Charlie's Angels (USA)

November 14

Next on the list of the best films of November, there is an attempt to re-cover the film of 2000, which in turn is a rehash of the well-known in the West of the same name series, which thundered in the 70s of the last century.

In the 2000 blockbuster, the role of "angels", that is, cunning and quarrelsome employees of one of the private agencies (Tausend) specializing in solving crimes, were played by Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, who do not know anything about martial arts , but they know how to lift their legs pretty well, which the directors of the battle scenes took advantage of.

Here, Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott are invited to play the role of cool women, who also do not represent themselves at all like hand-to-hand masters, but who starred in staged battles quite watchable. Except for the laws of physics, of course.

The Tousend branch network, under the command of the mysterious Charlie who wants to remain in the shadows, is expanding and growing, as the number of detective agency clients who urgently need help from combat units, that is, Charlie's angels.

3. Kalashnikov (USA)

November 10

USA filmmakers enjoyed filming biographical dramas. On the one hand, this greatly raises the morale of the nation, and on the other hand, it makes it possible to cut good cabbage from the patriotic population.

And, despite the fact that in general the life of Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov, the famous designer and author of the famous AK-47 assault rifle, was not particularly remarkable, the scriptwriters were able to inflate the most dramatic story around the personality of the gunsmith master, turning some unremarkable nuances of his life in the most "bright turns" of his destiny.

Many people know that Mikhail Timofeevich, among many, participated in the first battles for his homeland, fought on the Belarusian front, was a tank commander, but was seriously wounded in battle and, subsequently, was discharged as unfit to serve at the front. p>

From that moment, his active design activity began. And, like every designer, on the path of his success there were always people who, for one reason or another, put a spoke in his wheels. How and from which side will the "sticks" arrive in this case?

Let's look with pleasure at how the Soviet government once again spread rot on good people for the most of the world.

4. Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams (USA)

November 28

The next picture of our top of the best films of November is again the domestic tape. And again - biographical. And this time "the Soviet government and its henchmen" will "behave badly" towards the best goalkeeper of the USSR and the world - Lev Yashin.

But not only those in power will take up arms against poor Yashin. Then the anger of the team itself will fall on his head, which will blame its goalkeeper for all its sins.

Will the great master recover from such a betrayal? Will he find strength for a second wind? Let's wait and see.

5. Ford v Ferrari (USA, France)

November 14

But not only our people like to make biographical films. The West is also busy with the same during their stay. After all, who is not interested in how certain outstanding personalities came to their finest hour.

And this time we will be told and shown a story about the formation of the American automobile company "Ford". This is a story about its best designer - Carroll Shelby, who managed to create out of nothing such monsters as the Ford GT40 and the Ford X1 Roadster, which even Ferrari models were losing on race tracks back in the 60s.

And, of course, this is the story of one of the most famous racers of that time - Ken Miles, who smiled in time to switch to the still unpromising and unknown car brands from Shelby American Incorporated.

The role of Ken Miles, by the way, was played by Christian Bale himself, who in a matter of time after filming the feature film "Power" had to lose 30 kg of weight, which surprised Mat Damon, who, by the way, became the performer of the role of Carroll Shelby.

6. Outpost (USA)

November 21

Sixth place and again, oddly enough, in the list of the best films of November, another USA picture. And this time it's not any drama or a cheap romantic comedy. This is the most expensive fantasy action movie ever.

Despite the fact that our filmmakers are not doing too well in fantastic action films, the producers of "Policeman from Rublyovka", together with screenwriter Ilya Kulikov and Director Yegor Baranov, decided to risk staging another fantastic story, which, by the way, will consist of two parts.

In the first part, which will be shown to us in November of this year, aliens will again fall from the sky on our mortal mother Earth. Although, maybe not from heaven. And, it may very well be that they are not aliens. But, in any case, it will be some kind of aggressive force from the outside, aiming to destroy all life on planet Earth.

But not all people are so easy to give up. In some places, humanity properly took up arms and is ready to defend its life and its right to this life until the very end.

7. Ninth (USA)

November 7

The fourth USA film in the list of the best films of November. And this time it will be a horror movie with a mystical filling.

Olivia Reed is an overseas medium lady who came to our country on tour. Want to chat with a deceased relative? It's like two fingers to her. That is why people in droves bring down her sessions. Whoever has unfinished business or unresolved issues with another relative or loved one who has left the world, invites everyone to him. And it helps as much as possible.

Just isn't it all fake? Not sophisticated tricks for a dumb cattle? Police officer Rostov will have to find out first-hand, since it was she who turned to her for help in establishing the personality of a mysterious and elusive ritual killer.

8. Midway (China, USA)

November 14

The Japanese, delighted with a successful raid on Pearl Harbor, later decided to repeat a similar attack, and chose the island of Midway as their target. It was decided to attack just as suddenly, crumble everything and just as quickly dump.

But the cunning Americans were ready for this. Shortly before that, they intercepted the encryption of the Japanese and managed to prepare for the raid, hiding several aces up their sleeve, which turned out to be the aircraft carriers Enterprise, Yorktown and Hornet, which secretly retreated into positions for a counterattack.

And then the cap came to the Japanese Pacific Fleet. So the treacherous and cowardly raid on Pearl Harbor became the only significant Japanese success in water battles against the US Air Force and Navy.

That's right. Chingachgook does not step twice on crooked rakes!

9. Downton Abbey (UK)

November 21

Next on our list of the best films of November is the tape, which will be of interest primarily to those who have watched the series of the same name. Although, according to the assurances of the creators of the picture, the plot will not be tied to the series at all, and is a separate story, even though favorite actors from the TV serial will take part in it.

Despite the fact that the series had its logical conclusion at the end of the 6th season, Universal Pictures and Focus Features decided to distribute this dubious project. And they did not lose! With a budget of 20 million, the film has already grossed more than 150 million.

Recall that the world premiere of the film took place on September 12. As usual, all good things often come to us with a great delay.

The action takes place in the first half of the 20th century. The film tells the story of the failed assassination attempt on the then English monarch George V, who, together with his royal wife Mary, visited the Yorkshire family estate of Crowley.

Say, there was no such attempt? Duc, this is not our universe. Forgot? This is the Downton Abbey universe! (There should be a tear-splashing smiley face bursting with laughter and all that stuff.)

10. Get knives (USA)

November 28

In Hollywood, it has always been fashionable to shoot detective stories that would bring together the best actors of this very Hollywood. And nothing that the detective story, in the end, turns out to be not so promising. The shortcomings of the script are more than concealed by the awesome play of the awesome actors.

But in this case, there is hope that not only the acting, but the script itself will be able to hook us. At first glance, the story is trivial. On the one hand, the murdered old man is the head of the family. On the other hand, there is a mad family in which everyone has their own bells and whistles, and everyone can be a murderer.

But a large collection of knives on one common magnet ... Something new, which in itself piques interest. As well as Daniel Craig, who finally freed himself from the post of agent 007, as a detective.

Small explanation

Without cartoons, of course, it’s also impossible, so we will make it a rule to sound a couple of the most anticipated animated films of the month, those that have every chance to squeeze some of the films from their places in the top best films of the month.

Frozen 2 (USA)

November 28

The long-awaited continuation of the adventures of the beloved heroes of Anna, Elsa, Christoph with the deer Sven and the restless chatterbox - the snowman Olaf had to wait for six whole years. Now the main thing is that it will be worth it.


In this story, the voiced heroes will be forced to leave Arendelle. According to a strange gnome with a sickly complexion, the past is about to begin to put a spoke in the wheels of the current inhabitants of the kingdom. Therefore, the heroes will have to make a thematic cult trip to the north, to the mysterious lands, from where their ancestors once came to these places.

True, the spirits of the past turned out to be too strong. But now with them is Elsa, endowed with superpowers, Sub-Zero. So, not everything is so bad in fact.

If only you don't run into Scorpion.Or the mad T-800 from Mortal Kombat 11 ...

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Ghost of the Feather (Japan)

November 21

The story will be of interest primarily to those who have watched the anime series "Violet Evergarden".


Translated into USA "Evergarden" means "Eternal Garden". And Vayloet is the same girl who, despite all the hardships and dangerous adventures, is ready to convey to the gloomy future the eternal garden of the best values of humanity, the very values that it lost somewhere halfway to a better life.

Life has not improved for humanity, but people can still be fixed. And you should start with yourself first, finding your sister, from whom the war separated the girl.


Let's finish this for now. In addition to the voiced pictures this month, of course, there will be many more interesting and worthy things. At least, I really want to hope so. New Year's holidays and Christmas are just around the corner, so in the next top of the best films of the month we are waiting for more festive and positive.

For now, let's say goodbye. Enjoy your trips to the cinemas, great mood and, as always, more cool films and TV shows! Where can we go without them!

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