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The world shines again. Doctor Sleep Trailer

Image It's no secret that, contrary to the majority opinion, Stephen King considers Kubrick's The Shining to be one of the worst adaptations of his works. The creative differences and liberties that Kubrick allowed himself in the adaptation process led to the fact that the King of Horrors disowned the picture. When Hollywood producers started talking about the sequel, many wondered: what kind of "The Shining", literary or cinematic, will the forthcoming film continue? Director Mike Flanagan presented the first trailer for Doctor Sleep, and, apparently, he succeeded in almost impossible - to place the characters in a world where King's creation and Kubrick's reading fit equally well.

Forty years have passed since the terrible events at the Overlook Hotel that changed Danny Torrance's life forever. He has matured, but childhood trauma prevents him from being at peace with himself. On top of that, a teenage girl Abra appears on Dan's path, possessing the same mystical gift as his. Abra needs help - a cult that feeds on the "radiance" of the innocent is hunting her. Dan and Abra get involved in a fierce life-and-death war, and the main character finally comes face to face with his fears and ghosts of the past.

Mike Flanagan already has experience in adapting King's works: a couple of years ago, he started the terrible "Gerald's Game". For the film adaptation of Doctor Sleep, Flanagan assembled a murderous cast: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Bruce Greenwood, Zann Maclarnon. Aspiring actress Kylie Curran played Abru.

Doctor Sleep
Dubbed Trailer

USA viewers will plunge into the world of Danny Torrance's nightmares on November 7.

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