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What changes can be expected in smartphones this year


As one of the most sought-after mobile products, the smartphone has undergone colossal changes in design and equipment over the past ten years. The developers of these devices are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and are constantly improving their products. Our portal offers its own version of the further evolution of smartphones. We will not run far. Let's focus on the near future. Let's take a look at the proposed changes in all types of functional equipment in order.

5G & TWS

It is already clear to everyone that the future belongs to the networks of the fifth generation, and then the sixth, etc. Fifth generation networks will continue their development, they will enter new markets and conquer ever larger territories.

As this technology spreads, more and more devices with 5G modems will appear. The segment of the market for products equipped with this technology will expand.

Unfortunately, in our country, the presence of a 5G block in a device will not become a priority when choosing it.

Roughly the same situation is outlined in the field of TWS headphones.

The percentage of wireless gadgets in relation to the total number of headphones will gradually increase. This will lead to almost complete rejection of the 3.3 mm connector in the design of smartphones.


The TWS segment in 2020 will begin to reach a new level. Competition in it will intensify, which will lead to the emergence of quality and inexpensive devices.

SIM cards

All over the world, there is a tendency to gradually abandon physical SIM-cards in favor of digital ones. USA is not the leader here. Our refusal from eSIM is laid down in legislation that requires user identification. The concept of a virtual SIM-card implies the possibility of free switching between different operators, without burdens in the form of visiting an office and concluding a contract.


It should be noted that there is a noticeable progress in this direction. The government is developing a number of legislative acts that will allow the user to be identified remotely. It is possible that his biometric data will be used for this.

The new technology will give a lot of promising opportunities to the world of smartphones. Their cases will become more durable, since there will be no one slot. Also, the ways of interaction of devices with devices working under the “smart home” program will expand.

Bending apparatus

Everyone remembers how the first data appeared about the development of a smartphone with a folding screen by Samsung. How the race between the Korean manufacturer and HUAWEI began. Now you can familiarize yourself with these products, as well as products of other companies, and even purchase some. True, they are not cheap.

The number of such devices is expected to increase this year. Their prices will go down. This is evidenced by the fact that the reincarnation of the first foldable smartphone from Samsung at a reasonable price is coming soon.



Most modern smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Now manufacturers are increasing the parameters of displays, which requires an increase in battery capacity. Fast and wireless charging technologies are also actively developing.

In parallel, work is underway to test and implement graphene batteries. It is possible that the first devices with such batteries will appear soon.

Screens and cameras

From generation to generation, smartphone screens have been modernized: the parameters of brightness, color rendition have improved, the frame has become thinner, and the usable area has increased.

These trends will definitely continue. Now the possibilities of improving the main indicators of displays are almost completely exhausted. There is a possibility that they will be updated more frequently Surely manufacturers will evolve in this direction.

As for cameras, there are already devices with four, five and even nine sensors on the rear panel. Also, developers began to use pull-out units to remove the cutout on the front panel. What's next?

And then - more. Cameras naturally. But to eliminate the absurdities, they will begin to be hidden. As shown in the OnePlus Concept One, which uses sensors with glasses that can self-dim.

This will definitely apply to selfie cameras. Cutouts, "bangs" will be a thing of the past. Oppo and Xiaomi already have such products.

The quality of shooting will undoubtedly improve. Here they will continue to perfect the effects from the sphere of neural networks.

Form factor and technical equipment

Many people remember the first smartphones with removable batteries and a lot of physical buttons for control. With the advent of the fashion for safety, removable batteries were abandoned, and there are fewer and fewer keys on the device cases. They are being replaced by other technologies, such as touchpads.

Above it was said about the rejection of slots for SIM-cards. There will be fewer other holes and connectors. Smartphones will begin to take on a more monolithic look.

Their stuffing and equipment will be constantly improved. Performance will improve, RAM and ROM will grow, and more AI devices will appear.


From the above, it can be seen that smartphones will continue to evolve towards improving software and increasing camera functionality. The commercial success of bending devices, which are still few on the market, is predetermined.

Devices this year will become more reliable, it is possible to use the original design in their construction.

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Author: Jake Pinkman