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Top 100 Best Westerns of All Time: Part 2


After a long break, we return to our top 100 best Westerns of all time and peoples, which means that we will have a short review of 25 more films about the Wild West that will be of interest to fans of the genre no less than those topped the list in the first part.

And if the first issue featured films, most of which are already known to the general public, then among the films that we want to present now, there will be several times less of them. Take the same ...

26. The Horse Whisperer (1998) US 7.62

Yes, few are familiar with this film. And all, probably, because they shoot a little at him. This western is truly more drama than anything else, and it tells how loving mother Anne McLean tried to return to normal life her daughter, who lost her leg as a result of a failed horse ride.

The souls of Grace's daughter and her horse Pilgrim turned out to be closely related, and both had to be treated for the depression that had fallen on them. But the healer found by his mother does not want to get out of his ranch, located on the prairies of the Wild West, and come to Ann in order to correct the brains of the horse, and thereby help Grace.

This means that if the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed will come to it himself. Annie takes her daughter, loads the horse into the trailer, hooks it to the car and goes to the healer herself. As it turned out, there she will find not only "shrink" for the horse and daughter, but also something for herself.

The film is notable for the fact that the famous "Black Widow" Scarlett Johansson starred in the role of Grace, and at the time of filming she was only 13 years old. She looked very, very funny at that time.

27. Red Sun (1971) France 7.62

Next on our list of the best Westerns is the Shanghai Half Day movie. Only if in that case it was a comedy, and the main characters were a visiting Chinese kung fu master and a local swindler, then in the case of "Red Sun" it doesn't smell like comedy here, and the heroes were a visiting Japanese kenjutsu master and a local robber.


It's 1871 in the yard. During a diplomatic mission, a train is raided by robbers, as a result of which a golden ceremonial sword is stolen, which the Emperor of Japan donated to the American president.

Now the samurai Kuroda must return the stolen sword within a week, or he will have to commit a shameful hara-kiri. The bandit Link Stewartt, whom the leader of the gang of raiders decided to throw out for his own reasons, immediately crammed into his assistants.

Kuroda needs a sword, and Link needs a gold plundered by the gang. Why not form an alliance for a while?

28. My name is Trinity (1970) Italy 7.60

Next in the top of the best westerns is the story of two brothers - Trinity and Bambino, who, having become servants of the law in one of the towns of the Wild West, are fighting with Mayor Harriman for the rights and freedoms of local citizens.

And, of course, not forgetting to catch up with your own interests.


The fact is that the "acrobatic brothers" are head over heels in love with girls from the local Mormon community, whose land the mayor really wants to take over. To do this, he hires bandits, who will be pacified by Sheriff Bambino and his assistant Trinity.

And based on the fact that they have no equal in accuracy, which is why they were nicknamed the Left and Right Hand of the Devil (respectively) in the local area, the gangsters will have little chance.

The most interesting thing is what will happen after the end of the mess with the self-confident mayor. But we will learn about this only by watching the film itself.

29. Give Up and Pay Off (1966) Italy 7.60

In the center of the plot of the next western is the bounty hunter Jonathan Corbett, who goes out of his way to find and shoot the rapist and murderer of the Mexican Cuchillo, who committed indecency to a twelve-year-old girl.


Only then will he be given the green light to retire and peacefully run for his beloved Senate.

In principle, he can retire himself. Yes, only he really needs the support of local and not very bigwigs. He, as a man with brains, should have immediately suspected that something was wrong here. It’s late, but it dawns on Corbett that poor Cuchillo was simply set up.

Who is the rapist then? What should I do now?

30. Little Big Man (1970) US 7.60

Next in line in our expanded top of the best Westerns is a picture included in the US National Film Register as having aesthetic, historical and cultural significance.


This is the story of 121-year-old Jack Crabbe about his life. For such a super advanced age, the old man's memory is extremely transparent and strong, which is why his narrative turned out to be overly colorful and painterly.

He told the historian about everything, starting with the plundering of the convoy by the Pawnee Indians, on which his sister Caroline and her brother, young Jack Crabbe, were moving to a happy future, and ending with his revenge on Colonel Custer, who plundered the Cheyenne camp, who then adopted and raised him.

His story was long and there was a place in it for the entire difficult, but full of adventures biography of Jack, who happened to be just an Indian, and a swindler, and a shooter, and a hunter and, in fact, an avenger.

This western is notable for the fact that a young Dustin Hoffman played the main role in it. It will be interesting.

31. Rio Bravo (1958) USA 7.57

Despite the fact that the title of the next best of its kind and included in the 250 best films according to the IMDb version of the western is more reminiscent of the call signs of the units of the current American warriors, the action in the film takes place in the century before last.


In the film, all the residents and guests of the town of Rio Bravo who have not lost their lives rallied to confront the brother of the arrested lawless man, who formed a gang in order to release him from custody, where he is kept by the hated sheriff.

The marshals officer will not come for the prisoner until a week later. This is exactly how long the colorful confrontation between the bandits and the conscientious and valiant citizens who have come to the aid of the sheriff will last.

32. Iron Grip (2010) US 7.57

The next western will tell us about what may be the revenge of a 14-year-old girl, whose father, in passing, was sent to the next world by passing thugs.

The picture tells about Matty, who, after the murder of a sugar daddy, did not stop and began to demand action from the sheriff. But he turned away, saying that the killer had probably already crossed the border with Mexico, over which he has no jurisdiction.

A hard-nosed Matty elicits the names and locations of the bounty hunters from him and hires one of them, the most grated roll performed by Jeff Bridges. He is joined by a Texas ranger played by Mat Damon, who is also looking for the same villain for the murder of a senator in Texas.

Matty ties up with them, because, firstly, she is not satisfied with the fact that Damon's hero wants to escort the criminal to Texas for execution for the murder of a politician. She wants him to be executed here, precisely for the murder of her father. Secondly, she wants to personally make sure that her father's killer has been caught.

As it turned out, the Marshal and Ranger were very lucky that the girl was with them.

33. Zorro Badge (1940) USA 7.56

This western is a later and better version of the silent film of the same name from 1920. Also listed on the US National Film Register.


After a young guy appears in Los Angeles, by the way, the son of the former, now disgraced, mayor of the city, a certain "masked superhero", called the local "Zorro", begins to operate in the district. He terrorizes local authorities, who imposed exorbitant taxes on the population. Anyone who refuses to pay is severely punished by the current government with the help of the soldiers of the local garrison, who sang with the "municipality".

They don't know yet that they don't have much time left.

34. Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) US 7.56

The fourth attempt to film the biography of the world famous "wild-western hero" Billy the Kid (in our opinion, Little Billy).


And again in the center of the plot is the confrontation between the former friends of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, who were once part of the same gang-watering can. Most likely, the gang would have safely robbed and killed further, but the feds managed to arrest Garrett, who, in return for canceling the execution, promised to help catch his former comrade.

No sooner said than done. Now Garrett is the local sheriff who doesn't care about anything. Hiding behind a star, he can now do whatever he wants. But he never stopped being a scumbag.

I wonder if in this version who will beat whom?

35. The Great Silence / Silent (1968) Italy 7.56

Super winters happen not only in USA. One such took the Americans by surprise in 1899. The entire territory of the United States was covered with snow, from which the especially poor and homeless began to trade in robbery.


In response, the authorities gave the go-ahead for the unjust shooting of marauders and robbers. But at a time when the rest bring people down "for the cause", Loko with manic inclinations brings down everyone in a row for nothing.

But he does not even suspect that some for nothing can blame not only "everyone in a row", but also such thugs as Loko himself.

36. Shanghai Noon (2000) US 7.55

Comedy sequel to "Red Sun", which we talked about just above. Only here the robbers did not steal the golden sword from the Japanese, but the gold from the Chinese. This gold was intended for the ransom of the abducted princess, and now there is nothing to redeem the imperial daughter overnight.

As in the previous case, the bandits left one of the robbers at the crime scene. Only if in that version the robber was a grated roll, in this he was a good-for-nothing loser. And with such a partner, the Chinese Chon Wang will first have to search for the lost treasure, and later - to free the princess from the clutches of the kidnappers.

Funny in places. Kung Fu in the Wild West always looks good.

37. High Noon (1952) US 7.54

Western "Rio Bravo", which we talked about a little earlier, is a kind of opposite of this film. If in that case a lot of "residents and guests of the city" came out to defend the town, then in this case the lone hero had to take the rap for everyone.

These are the ones that grow in the future Supermen and Batmen .


The action takes place in a sultry town called Headville, located in the territory of the future state of New Mexico. The pardoned thug Frank Miller is about to arrive in the city, and his friends are eagerly awaiting him, plotting revenge against the hated Sheriff Kane, who once arrested Miller.

In theory, it would be possible to make legs, but the stubborn sheriff, who, by the way, has been in retirement for 24 hours, decides to stay and fight the bandits.

It will be hot.

38. The Oaks Bow Case (1942) USA 7.54

An example of what happens when a crowd with vengeful eyes decides to commit lynching, without waiting for some kind of investigation and trial.


The action is presented on behalf of two "transit" cowboys who have entered the town while passing. They become witnesses of the general "brutality" when it turns out that one of the local authoritative citizens - Larry Kincaid - has been killed. The crowd immediately goes on a search and finds the scapegoats - the trinity, which they managed to acquire from the now killed citizen of cattle.

Whether it is true or not what they say they bought the cattle from the rancher does not matter. The gallows shines for them. But, here's the bad luck, and who, in fact, said that Larry was killed? Maybe first you need to figure out whether he is dead, or alive, and then create lawlessness.

But who, when in the Wild West, was stopped by such trifles? Judging by the spaghetti westerns, there was more often than not shooting first, and then thinking with their heads.

39. Giant (1956) USA 7.53

Squaras between landowners in the Wild West flared up often and lasted a lifetime, passing by inheritance. As proof, you can cite the same excellent miniseries with Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton "Hatfields and McCoys".


This is almost a similar situation. Swara broke out between the landowners Jordan and Rink. And it all started with the fact that one of the Rinks, who used to be poor and worked for the Jordans, had a grudge against them, so much so that he carried vengeful thoughts in his heart to the house of the “Jordan” through the decades.

He also managed to get rich by finding oil on the site he inherited from one of the offspring of the same Jordans.

I wonder if he will now crush his worst enemy "Giant" Jordan, or decides to spit on the whole thing?

40. Stagecoach (1939) USA 7.52

The action takes place in Arizona. In Stagecoach, next to a town called Lordsburg, a motley campaign of passengers is gathering. There is a criminal, a sheriff, a pregnant woman, a prostitute, a drunkard and a knight in white armor.


All of them will have a hard time, because the path of the stagecoach passes through the lands of the Apaches, who finally decided to embark on the warpath. And, of course, they started their journey along it with this very poor stagecoach.

Passengers will have to oh, how not sweet. While some give birth, the second are hiding under the benches, and the third are trying to fight. The heap is still small.

41. Django (1966) Italy 7.51

Another film in our top of the best Westerns of all time has two storylines. In one cowboy and, concurrently, real shooter Django takes revenge on racist Major Jackson and his gang for the death of his wife. In another, he looted government troops by sniffing out Mexicans.


With the second storyline, Django almost burned out. Although, in turn, his accomplices wanted to "overturn" him, he managed to overthrow them themselves. Although it, in turn, was overturned by the Lord God himself, sucking the gold into the quicksand.

Now we will wait for the first storyline to be resolved, which went on a break during the robbery.

Separate respect to those who came up with the idea of hiding machine guns in a coffin. Looks like an adult. This is not El Mariachi with its flimsy double bass case.

42. Zorro Mask (1998) USA 7.51

Another restart of the Zorro project, now with Antonio Banderos in the lead role. And the baton was passed to him, oddly enough, by the old predecessor of Zorro performed by Anthony Hopkins, although he himself had never appeared in the role of this Zorro before in any film.

Be that as it may, the film came out spectacular and more mobile than in the case of the above-mentioned "Sign of Zorro".

Old Zorro, arrested and escaped from prison 20 years later, sniffed with Alejandro, a youth dreaming to avenge his brother. He drills him for a long time, until a new and improved Zorro finally emerges from the youngster, who from now on will attack the local rotten entrepreneurs and bureaucrats and finally avenge both his brother and his mentor for 20 years in prison.

The film has a slightly less successful sequel with Antonio Banderos "The Legend of Zorro", which has a rating of 6.96, which is why it was not included in our top 100. But for fans of westerns and adventure films, we recommend it.

43. My name is Nobody (1973) Italy 7.49

Many shooters of the Wild West liked the local lawlessness. The romance of these places suited them until they were suddenly hit in the head with a bullet.


Jack Beauregard, the legendary shooter of the local area, thought about this for a long time, and decided that it was time to call with romance. I will sit on a ship and sail off to the Old World. Life there is calmer and more measured.

But here, out of nowhere, an admirer was found who was just eager to learn from the experience of a seasoned shooter. And when he found out that he decided to tie up and leave the continent, he was very upset.

And the admirer had no choice but to set a one and a half hundred gang on Beauregard. Maybe at least she will be able to detain a glorious mentor on the American coast and make him refuse to retire.

44. Hidalgo: Pursuit in the Desert (2004) USA 7.46

The action of the next western takes place not in the Wild American West, but in the Wild African East, where horse races are held annually in the sands of the great Arabian Desert on a local “track” stretching 3,000 miles.

From time immemorial, only local Bedouins on local thoroughbred horses took part in these grandiose competitions with an impressive prize. Therefore, the appearance of specially invited American Frank Hopkins among the participants greatly outraged everyone.

But an influential Arab sheikh, a lover of the romance of the Wild West, who invited an American to participate in the competition, put the money on him.

Then he could not even think that his daughter would lay eyes on the American, and around all this fuss with his participation in the race such serious passions-muzzles with intrigue, murder and rebellion would flare up.

45. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) USA 7.45

Lawyer Ransom Stoddart had big problems in the person of local mobster Liberty Valance, whom every dog in Shinbone knows.


Little by little, their enmity was supposed to lead to a duel. And it actually happened, after which, unexpectedly, it was Valance who safely threw back his hooves.

In the local area, this story is elevated to the rank of legend, and therefore, when Ransom, who arrived in Shanbone many years later, wanted to tell how everything was really true, no one simply believed him.

Yes, gentlemen. Valance was killed by a completely different person. And by whom and under what circumstances - this is, sorry, a spoiler.

46. Big Country (1958) US 7.44

In this western, the warring families did not share the rivulet, by the way, flowing through the land of a third party owner, and therefore a stranger. The places here are arid, and without access to water, livestock will simply fall, which will doom the local people to starvation.


As in the case of all the same "Hatfields and McCoy", there is a way out. You just need to put an end to the former enmity. But, unfortunately, she has eaten into the heads of families so much that they simply cannot live without her.

There is also a solution in this case. And the heads of the family will not like it even more.

47. Mole (1970) Mexico 7.42

A very muddled surreal author's creation by Alejandro Jodorowski, from which the roof goes.


The film tells about the warrior El-Topo and what happens when you poke your nose into a question that isn't yours. El Topo shoved him here and there until he ran into a mine in the form of a woman in black, who sends him to a cave with the wretched under the care of some dwarf.

Digging the tunnel out will take a long time and it is not a fact that it will not end with a firing squad.

48. Cannibal! The Musical (1993) USA 7.40

The following picture of our top of the best Westerns will teach anyone how to carefully select a guide to attractions before a trip.


Otherwise, after an indefinite amount of time, only the guide himself will reach the final point of the route, gradually eating up all the gullible tourists along the way.

The movie didn't have to be like that. Rather, of course, it is completely wrong. But it doesn't make it any easier. The film is gloomy and western is considered only because the action takes place in the second half of the XIX century, during the hike of miners to the place of gold mines.

They are unlikely to get there.

49. At 3:10 AM Yuma (1957) US 7.39

Earlier version of "Train to Yuma" with Russell Crowe, which we talked about in the last part.


The plot is not much different from the sequel. All the same bandit who fell into the hands of the authorities, the same gang trying to fight him off, and the same ordinary farmer who took up a reward to escort the criminal to the train going from the nearest station to Yuma, where the trial will take place over the bandit.

For obvious reasons, the residents of the town want to get rid of the bandit as soon as possible. After all, his gang, trying to free him, will not leave a stone unturned from the town.

Although, in the case of "wild-western" buildings, it would probably be more correct to say "logs on a log".

50. Love Comes Quietly (2003) US 7.36

A very strange melodramatic western, in which a marriage of convenience has every chance to turn into an alliance that shines with love like a spring sun.

The Claridge couple decide to move to the New World, where they plan to start life from scratch. But unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the husband dies, leaving the young woman Marty alone, homeless and without a livelihood.

The woman is in complete depressive shock and stupor. The future seems to her gloomier than ever, and there is no way out of this situation. You could go back home. But where can I get money for a ticket to the Old World?

A strange gentleman promises to help her get to Europe, who made a counter offer in return. She lives with him for a year as a wife and brings up his child from his deceased wife as her own. And after a year has passed, she herself will decide whether to stay with him, or go home. He will give her enough money for the trip.

And Marty decides to give it a try. And what else to expect from a cornered woman who, if you look at it, has no choice.


With this, the second part of our expanded top-100 best Westerns of all time and peoples can be considered complete. There are 50 more interesting films about the Wild West ahead of us, but for now we will say goodbye. Good, as they say, a little bit, and therefore, all the best to you and see you soon!

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