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Casting: Rapace - to the opera, Vaughn - to kindergarten

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Noomi Rapace will star in the biopic of the famous opera diva Maria Callas, directed by Nicky Caro (McFarland). The director herself will also write the script for the drama.

The film will be based on the biographical book Too Proud, Too Fragile by Alfonso Signorini. The plot of the tape will focus on the turbulent relationship Callas with Aristotle Onassis, which lasted about 20 years.

“This picture tells the story of an amazing woman who more than anything else wanted to live a normal life next to her beloved man,- said Guido De Angelis from De Angelis Group . - Callas was a goddess who dreamed of becoming an ordinary person, but she still did not succeed ”. De Angelis Group will produce the project.


The overall popularity of Noomi Rapace was brought about by the role of the hacker Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish film adaptation of the Stig Larsson trilogy. Later, the actress added to her filmography such films as "Sherlock Holmes: A Play of Shadows", "Prometheus" and "Obshchak".

Vince Vaughn has signed on to star in the new comedy Terrible Twos , co-directed by Universal Pictures and Bluegrass Films and Wild West Picture Show Productions .


In the center of events are two negligent dads, and part-time best friends, in whose care the wives one day (or rather, night) leave the kids. Everything is not going according to plan, and the guys miraculously move into the bodies of their children. Vaughn is not the first time to play in such extravagant comedies, because it was on them that he made a name for himself in Hollywood - just remember "Party People" or "Party Crashers".


And finally, Anne Kamp got a role in the family drama The Serpent's Bite , the screen version of the novel of the same name by Warren Adler. The plot tells how the head of the family invites his children on a horse ride to Yellowstone in order to establish contact with them. But this journey becomes a nightmare for the protagonist. Camp will play the eldest daughter Courtney Temple , who has grown from a cute child into a monster. ...

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