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Lisbeth Salander is now on TV

Image Lisbeth Salander is tired of big screens: Amazon has taken on the creation of a series dedicated to the heroine of the book series "Millennium" Stieg Larsson. The novels tell the story of the adventures of the genius hacker and detective journalist Mikael Blomkvist. Who will play the main role or become the screenwriter is still unknown, but the developers of the show say that the new "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" should not be considered a sequel to books or existing film adaptations. The upcoming TV adaptation will take place in the modern world with completely new characters and a new story.

Recall that earlier the character of a hacker girl investigating crimes was embodied on the screen more than once: Noomi Rapace, Rooney Mara and Claire Foy tried themselves in this role. Despite the love of the audience, the film adaptation, filmed by David Fincher in 2011 with Rooney in the title role, did not have commercial success, and one cannot expect a continuation from this creative union.


Given the experience of previous adaptations, one thing is for sure: there will be a lot of heated debates about the choice of the actress for the role of Lisbeth in the reboot from Amazon.

Source: Variety

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