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Noomi Rapace will play opera star Maria Callas


Noomi Rapace will play the famous opera singer Maria Callas in a biopic directed by Nicky Caro, who released the 2014 movie McFarland. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The project will be based on the work of Alfonso Signorini entitled "Too Proud, Too Fragile". Content media will present it to potential investors in the European movie market, which will be held within the framework of the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

Recall that Maria Callas is considered one of the best opera singers of the 20th century. She was born in 1923 in New York and since the end of the 30s she sang the lead roles on the most prestigious stages in the world. In addition to her professional activities, Maria Callas was also remembered for a whirlwind romance with the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis, which lasted for almost two decades. The last years of her life, she practically did not leave her apartment in Paris. She died in 1977.

In 2014, viewers could see Nimi Rapace in the movie "Number 44", which was not allowed in the USA release. The name of the actress is mentioned in connection with several promising projects, including "Prometheus 2" or "The Last Voyage of Demeter", however, the possible dates of the premieres of these movies were not specified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman