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Jeremy Irons saddles an invincible horse

Image Oscar-winning Jeremy Irons (Wrong Side of Destiny) has signed on to star in the biographical drama about the trainer and his horse, Frankel. It will be directed by Ron Scalpello (The Corrupt Man), the script was written by Jim Piddock (The Same Man), and Jeremy will also take over some of the production functions. The project is being developed by WaZabi Films.

The drama tells the story of Sir Henry Cecil, who, after years of failures and illnesses, brought his favorite horse, Frankel, to the winner of the race. In total, Frankel took part in 14 races, and in each of them he won a landslide victory, becoming a real star. As for Cecil, he became the second Scottish coach after Alex Ferguson, who was lucky to receive the title of knight from Queen Elizabeth II.

Other interesting projects in development at WaZabi Films include the drama Coda with Patrick Stewart, Giancarlo Esposito and Katie Holmes. She will talk about a famous pianist who suddenly developed stage fright at the end of his career.

Source: Variety

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