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Sharp has released a smartphone with a long-lasting charge


Sharp has presented a smartphone that keeps charging for a long time, based on the Android system. The long-lasting autonomy of the S7 (this is the name of the device) has nothing to do with the capacity of the battery itself, which is not the most powerful smartphone by modern standards (4000 mAh). The reasons for the long operation of the device are different. According to the manufacturer, the mobile device can last on a single charge for almost a week.

Reasons for long autonomy

This became possible thanks to the proprietary development of Sharp - a display that, in comparison with the same IPS-matrices, consumes less energy with the same parameters of brightness and color rendering. At one time Apple became interested in such display features, having implemented similar Sharp-panels in some iPhone and iPad models.


The display is based on IGZO technology - a proprietary development of the company, the first letters of which form the phrase "oxide of indium, gallium and zinc". For the first time Sharp smartphone equipped with such a screen, the company released in 2012.

Another reason why smartphones hold a charge for a long time, Sharp cites the special characteristics of Android 10 pre-installed in the S7. The platform in long-playing smartphones is presented in a pure form, not burdened with additional applications, proprietary firmware and programs running in the background - everything that requires additional waste of battery power.

Key Features

Other features of the 5.5-inch display, besides additional battery conservation, are Full HD + support. The presented Sharp smartphone is powered by an eight-core Snapdragon 630 chipset. The ProPix 2 processor is used to assist in image processing. The device is presented in a single modification with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.


S7 is equipped with two SIM card slots, supports LTE cellular technology, wireless standards Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. There is also a GPS navigator and built-in support for an NFC module for making contactless payments. In addition, a smartphone that holds a charge for a long time will receive protection against dust and moisture from the outside according to the IP68 standard. The main camera Sharp S7 with a resolution of 12 MP is additionally equipped with a flash, an angle of view of 83 degrees, an electronic stabilizer, and aperture f / 2.0. The 86-degree selfie camera has a resolution of 8 MP.

Using IGZO-displays

Sharp smartphones equipped with IGZO panels are not the only devices in which Sharp has approved proprietary design. Matrices are also found from other manufacturers, including Apple. For example, one of the most popular models among all iPhones - iPhone 5S (2012) has such a screen.


The IGZO Matrix also appeared in the 2013 mini iPad. Due to its reduced thickness in comparison with LCD-panels, the tablet will turn out to be more compact in size and weight. Sharp proprietary screens can often be seen in laptops and monitors from other companies, including gaming modifications. One of them was the 2014 version of the Eurocom M5 Pro gaming laptop, which received an IGZO screen.

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