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Disable and convert HEIF to JPEG on IOS


iOS 11 will launch tomorrow and one of the most exciting photo community features added with the update is the highly efficient HEIC image file format

The High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), pronounced "Hef", is a file format that uses HEVC-encoded images. These images will use the .heic "Hiik" extension.

This format should theoretically allow you to significantly reduce the size of files without sacrificing quality. In addition, this new format contains many other delicious buns for photo lovers.

There is only one problem: Windows and older IOS and MAC OS users will not be able to open these files on their devices.

How to disable HEIC

If you do not want to bother with conversion and you are not very interested in the new format either, in the settings you can set the use of the standard format for photo and video files.

Photography Settings - Camera- Most Common File Format

And the converter has arrived

Luckily the good wars of light have already created a converter that will easily allow you to convert your HEIF images to good old JPEG


With this converter, you can simply convert your files, and you can download them as much as 30 at a time.

And since the people behind the converter are the same people who have created JPEGmini, HEIC images converted with the tool are then optimized using JPEGmini technologies and the result is always excellent and predictable.

Than HEIC. so good

We don't know how long this tool will take. The HEIC format has many advantages: the ability to store individual images or sequences, the ability to store audio / text along with the image, the ability to store image editing operations, and lossy and lossy compression.


In our humble opinion, this format is the future and if it still manages to break through the jpeg lobby, it will be a big step into the future.

But until then, if you are migrating to iOS 11 tomorrow and you want / need a way to convert these images to JPEG, there is an option that will come in handy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman