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What is ePub and how to open it?


People faced the ePub extension when the e-reader boom began. ePub - short for the English combination "electronic publication", the format is considered one of the most common among fans of digital literature. It can be opened on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Files with the .epub extension can store text information, color and b / w graphics, style sheets, fonts and various metadata (book author, title, content, footnotes, etc.).

The popularity of ePub is due to the flexibility of its settings: for comfortable reading, files with this extension can be adjusted to any screen diagonal, which cannot be said about PDF , DJVUor DOC .

What's the difference between ePub and PDF?

The two formats have a lot in common. The difference is that PDF files have a static layout, and due to the stability, the format is ideal for printing a document: on paper, the page will look exactly the same as on a computer. ePub is easy to customize to fit your display while preserving formatting. It is focused not on printing, but on a comfortable display of data.

How to open ePub on different devices?


There are two ways to open ePub files on your computer. The first involves installing a special application:

  • Adobe Digital Editions;
  • Caliber;
  • FBReader .

All three programs are supplied free of charge. There are other options, where the emphasis is either on the clarity of the interface or on the functionality of the program.

Browser Extensions

You can also open ePub on your computer using a browser extension:

  • MagicScroll eBook Reader (for Chrome);
  • EPUBReader (for Firefox and Opera).

ePub files downloaded from the Internet will automatically launch in a browser window in a separate window.

For mobile platforms, many applications have also been created that can work with this format. Epub Reader (Android) is convenient because it is not tied to bookstores. Through it you can open both files from the network and saved locally.

iBooks (iOS) is a good alternative to a Kindle-style reader. The application works on all operating systems from Apple, allows you to search and download books in the official store, as well as synchronize settings between devices.

How to convert PDF to ePub for free?


The dynamic ePub format is more often chosen by those who like to read from mobile devices. But we must admit that PDF is still much more popular: when you search for a specific book, you will almost certainly find it in PDF, not in ePub.

To convert PDF to ePub via computer, you need PDFMate Free PDF Converter . All work is done in a few clicks:

  • add to the PDF program;
  • specify the output format ePub (in the settings you can select whether to convert pages as graphics or do it with OCR);
  • click " convert ". A file with the ePub extension will appear in the specified folder.

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