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Artificial intelligence will help maintain a safe distance between people


Startup Landing AI has adapted artificial intelligence technologies in its proprietary technology, which tracks the location of people and the distance between them. In the current conditions of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distance, according to doctors, is considered an effective method of reducing the spread of this disease. While many remain at home, a large proportion of people continue to work in systemic industries. In addition to protective masks, the new tool is also designed to provide safety by monitoring the observance of the distance between nearby employees.

Using the functions of artificial intelligence, the Landing AI engine can track the location of people in the workplace and monitor the observance of the required distance between them. The technology analyzes the videos that are recorded by all surveillance cameras in real time, and determines the observance of a safe distance.

The system works according to a certain scheme. Special sensors begin to paint workers in a virtual scarlet color, the distance between which has gone beyond the minimum allowed. To draw the attention of "violators" to this, the mechanism can also draw a dividing line between them. In addition, the tool will be able to remind you of a safe distance with a voice warning through the speakerphone.

Features of the developed Landing AI algorithm allow integrating AI technologies based on it into software, for example, a computer or video surveillance systems that are part of the security structure of an enterprise. The neural network itself will select the elements it needs and integrate into them. On the way out, all this bears a certain resemblance to the "big brother" of a mini-format that monitors the movement of people. At the same time, the authors of the project emphasize that the technology was created not to control how well employees work, but only to maintain a distance between them, safe for their health.


In the long term, artificial intelligence technologies that complement the mechanism can be built into city video surveillance systems in order to prevent crime. At the same time, their capabilities will allow not only to monitor the general situation in a particular urban area, but also to identify a specific person. To do this, the neural network only needs good optics that can recognize facial features and personality traits.

According to some reports, Amazon has already implemented a similar tool in its work. The company uses a similar system in branded warehouses. The technology monitors the observance of social distance, and in case of violation, warns about it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman