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The neural network has calculated 11 asteroids that pose a threat to the Earth


An artificial intelligence system created by Dutch scientists has detected several asteroids at once that can pose a threat to humans. In all the immense space, their number is enormous, although many of them are absolutely harmless and will never intersect with the trajectory of the Earth. At the same time, some of the celestial objects are still potentially dangerous, and in theory, if they get to our planet, they can cause considerable destruction. Several tens of millions of years ago, one of these asteroids caused a real "Armageddon", and its appearance is called the true cause of the death of many other living creatures, including the legendary dinosaurs.

An artificial intelligence called HOI, designed by researchers from the University of Leiden, has learned to calculate the trajectories of celestial bodies regardless of their distance from the Earth. With the help of independent calculations, the neural network has identified several asteroids that will enter the Earth's atmosphere after 2131.

HOI has at its disposal a whole library of more than 2000 celestial bodies registered by NASA. To figure out the likelihood of a possible collision of the Earth with one of the asteroids in the near future, an artificial neural network modeled their orbits along with the orbits of the Earth, the Sun and other planets. Then the researchers were able to recreate the countdown and see what happens to the orbital distribution of planets and celestial objects in such a situation. The artificially recreated regressive time trajectory allowed scientists to see that a lot of space objects flew to the Earth's surface. At the same time, artificial intelligence technologies based on projected motion trajectories were able to identify 11 asteroids with which there may be problems in the future.


These asteroids more than 100 meters in diameter have never been considered potentially dangerous. At the same time, they all have enough weight to create explosive power that can lead to catastrophic consequences. Despite this, the probability of their fall on the surface of our planet remains negligible. However, in the time interval limited by 2131 and 2923 years, they will all approach the Earth at a distance of 10 times closer than the Moon.

Until the artificial intelligence system separately identified 11 celestial objects, they were not considered dangerous. The reason they have so far been overlooked as potential threat carriers is because of their chaotic orbit. Therefore, the special programs of the space departments could not properly calculate them. In the future, the authors of the study plan to collect even more information using the designed neural network, which will make it possible to more accurately predict the behavior of space objects and their dangerous flights at a close distance from the Earth.

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Author: Jake Pinkman