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Following the waves of someone else's memory

Image Film company Focus Features is ready to remind viewers that there is a place not only for superheroes in the world of movie comics. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Hollywood studio has acquired the rights to film the film adaptation of Daniel Close's graphic novel Patience .

Close himself will write the film. The famous American illustrator has already brought characters from his works to the big screen: in 2002, Daniel received a Oscar nomination for his adaptation of the Phantom World comic strip.

The central character of the new graphic novel Close is a man named Jack , whose life went downhill after his pregnant wife Patience was killed robber. Ten years later, the protagonist has a chance to change the past with the help of a time machine. Jack does not yet know that ahead of him lies a psychedelic journey through space and time, which will give him the opportunity to see the brightest events in the life of Patience ...


The comic " Patience " went on sale in March this year and then spent 19 weeks on the The New York Times bestseller list.

The Topic of Article: Following the waves of someone else's memory.
Author: Jake Pinkman