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Politics needs superheroes

Image Brian K. Vaughn is a respected comic book writer who has collaborated with Marvel, DC and other publishers. He has worked on Lost, Under the Dome, and The Runaways, and his graphic novel Y: The Last Man is currently gearing up to move to the small screens. The time has come to conquer the world of cinematography: Legendary Entertainment will turn Vaughn's fantastic Ex Machina comic into a feature film.

In order not to confuse moviegoers and not cause them to associate with the thriller "Out of the Machine", which is also called Ex Machina in the original, the Legendary bosses have titled the new project The Great Machine. In the original source, Mitchell Handred is an ordinary engineer, but after a tragic accident he has unusual abilities. Now he knows how to control various mechanisms, and Handred decides to use his power for the good of humanity, becoming the only living superhero in the world. Realizing that ordinary people support him, Mitchell runs for mayor of New York and successfully wins the election.

According to the source, the film adaptation will not copy the plot of the printed original. Viewers will meet Handred, who is already a successful politician, but his career is in jeopardy when he has to pay a favor for the superpowers he received. The screenplay was written by Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel ("Aftermath").


At one time, the comic "Ex Machine" received the prestigious Eisner Prize, and taking advantage of the moment studio New Line acquired the rights to film adaptation. For seven years, work on the project has not moved off the ground, and the rights have returned to the authors of the graphic novel. Now Legendary will try to solve the secret of the superhero politician.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Author: Jake Pinkman