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Is the galaxy far, far away having a hard time?

Image After the seventh episode of " Star Wars " earned over $ 2 billion worldwide, it seemed to many viewers that the bosses of the studio Disney were not joking. when talking about turning the legendary franchise into an endless saga. To date, the Hollywood major has announced two films of the third trilogy and three spin-offs, but the journalists of the New York Post argue that the construction of the Cinematic Universe is not going as smoothly as the leadership of the Walt Disney empire would like. >
According to insiders, the studio is currently experiencing problems with the first spin-off of the saga - Rogue One. Star Wars Stories ". Sources close to the management of the film company claim that in July, Gareth Edwards' tape will be sent for an expensive four-week filming. Rumor has it that the decision to finalize the blockbuster was made after its draft version did not cause the proper emotions either from the studio management or the test audience.

The problems with the " Star Wars " spin-offs began back in May last year, when Joshua Trunk unexpectedly left the director's chair for one of them. According to the most widespread version, the leadership of Disney hastened to remove the filmmaker from his post after learning the details of his unattractive conflict with the producers of the Fantastic Four. House of Mice showed a rare sagacity, because after just a couple of months the film adaptation of the comic book was a deafening failure at the box office.


New information from the major's camp suggests that his bosses may have in vain continued to rely on talented but inexperienced directors. Edwards had only one big-budget movie in his career, Godzilla. Insiders suggest that the director was simply not ready to work on such a large-scale project as " Rogue One ". As a result, Gareth became so exhausted that he was forced to abandon the idea of filming a sequel to " Godzilla ".


The director is in no hurry to comment on the situation around " Rogue One ". As for the representatives of the studio Disney , they assure that the summer shooting was planned in advance. There is a possibility that Edwards 's team just wants to shoot a few extra scenes. It is rumored that it will be in Rogue One that young Han Solo will be introduced to viewers for the first time. Since Alden Ehrenreich only got the role of the famous smuggler earlier this month, he could not take part in the creation of the first spin-off of the saga during the main shooting period. However, the duration of additional filming and the emphasis of insiders on their high cost give reason to believe that we can still talk about a serious reworking of the blockbuster, and not adding a couple of new scenes to it.


USA premiere of the film " Rogue One. Star Wars Tales "will take place on December 15 .

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