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Cut, Cut, Cut: Firth and Lowe in the Genius Trailer

Image Stories of great creators of the past will never bore the film community, especially when the focus of filmmakers is on such powerful figures as the writer Thomas Wolfe and his editor Max Perkins . Studio Filmnation Entertainment has released a dubbed trailer for the biopic " Genius ", dedicated to the cooperation and strange, difficult friendship between the two above titans from literature.

The plot of the film focuses on the highly experienced editor Maxwell Perkins , who opened the world to such famous novelists as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. However, the main challenge in his career was working with Thomas Wolfe , who was as talented as he was undisciplined. The problem was that the words poured from the author in an endless stream, and besides, he, like a lion, fought for every sentence born of his mind. The only one who could find an approach to the capricious writer was the wise Perkins , who subjected the first two epic and overwhelming novels of Wolfe to rough edits - Look at your home, angel"and" About time and about the river ". Despite the differences and conflicts,

The main roles in this curious drama are assigned to Colin Firth and Jude Law. The first plays Maxwell , and, it must be admitted, the image of this calm, self-confident and full of self-dignity man suits the most elegant gentleman of modern cinema very well. Nevertheless, Lowe in the company of Nicole Kidman, Laura Linney, Guy Pearce and Dominic West are not lost against his background.

Dubbed Trailer

Apparently, we are waiting for a fun and clever ensemble tape. Only the name of the director of the project is in doubt: Michael Grandage is a newcomer to the field of directing. Having tackled such a complex story straight off, he risks slipping into a chronicle of key moments in the relationship between Wolfe and Perkins . Whether Grandage will save in front of his own outstanding heroes, or " Genius " will become the second "The King's Speech!", We'll find out on July 7 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman