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Clark, King, and the Shark: Watch This Week

Image While film critics are diligently scolding the new "Independence Day", moviegoers are getting ready for another portion of premieres. Well, distributors won't offer us any super-loud projects next week, but you can find a few films that can be classified as worthy of attention.

First on the list of new products is the melodrama Me Before You starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. This adaptation of the bestselling writer Jojo Moyes tells the story of two completely different people whom fate brought together in order for us to understand - you need to live brightly, breathe deeply, not be afraid to dream and make your dreams come true. Judging by the trailer, this will be a typical representative of the genre, and only the outstanding and very restless eyebrows of beautiful Emilia can distract you from not grabbing a handkerchief.

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Although, for example, foreign critics, who have already seen the picture, found it insufficiently romantic and suffocating for a story where the main character drives around in a wheelchair. At the same time, fans of the printed original should love the drama, since Moyes controlled the writing of the script, and director Thea Sherrock did her best to maintain the inspiring and light atmosphere of the book, which won the hearts of millions of the fair sex.

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Next to the "female" project is the purely "male" - the crime comedy Spy One and a Half , in which Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart will try to make you laugh with jokes aboutChocolate Google », unsuccessful falls and playing on their own contrasts. In the story, a CIA agent forces his old school friend to carry out one important operation with him. A friend is against it, but no one asks him especially here: the world needs to be saved, and the powerful hero Rocks sorely lacks a well-thinking partner. Reviewers received the film very favorably, noting that Johnson and Hart deftly utilize the concept of reluctant friendship to create the perfect comedy duo.

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We continue to have fun. Another novelty - Wedding Frenzy by director Jake Zimansky - tells about two brothers who always spoil everything at family celebrations with their jokes that do not correspond to the status of events. Therefore, the parents insistently asked them to come to the wedding of their sister with their friends. However, Dave and Mike do not even suspect that their hastily chosen "plus one" is even more reckless than they are, moreover, not very smart and not at all modest girls. The main roles in the comedy are played by Adam Devine, Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza - all have experience in light entertainment cinema, so Wedding Frenzy may end up not so vulgar and unfunny. as its name in our box office.

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The next film will surely appeal to fans of high-quality biopics. Michael Grandage's project, Genius , is a true-life drama about the editor Maxwell Perkins , who introduced many famous novelists to the world, and the writer Thomas Wolfe. Their working and friendly relations did not develop very smoothly, which is fully reflected in the directorial debut of Grandadge . Unfortunately, Western critics considered the tape not smart enough, although they appreciated the script and shooting. Fans of Colin Firth and Jude Law (namely, they played Maxwell and Wolfe , respectively) most likely should not be afraid to spend money on a session of "Genius" : The work of these actors rarely disappoints, and"not smart enough"<

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For those who love films about the ocean and predatory sharks, greedy for mouth-watering holidaymakers, our distributors have prepared an interesting thriller The Shoal , which has already collected a lot of positive reviews. Director Jaume Collet-Serra took actress Blake Lively and turned her into a surfer who was driven to the shallows by a voracious shark and waited for the main character from the big wave lover to turn into prey. The Shoal breaks the templates of the genre, Lively plays incomparably, and, despite all the mainstream thriller, Collet Serra has produced something that can surprise in some places even admire - this is the verdict of American critics regarding this tape.

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The long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King's novel Mobile with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson has also reached USA cinemas. But is it worth so happy about this event? Film critics reacted to the story of a terrible virus transmitted through cell phones more than cool, and some even dubbed it the worst of all King's film adaptations. In essence, given the absurdity of the plot itself from the point of view of modern science, this movie does not even try to shift the emphasis to the entertainment component. So the choice is yours - to go and hope not to be disappointed or to watch any other movie / series based on King at home.


And at the end of the list of premieres, three not very advertised tapes modestly sheltered. British thriller "Come with me" tells about a sexual maniac, against whom all residents of the city rallied, the French comedy "In a still water" is a story about two extremely strange families tense relationship, but the Franco-Belgian Fatal Attraction will suck an exemplary family man into a dangerous quagmire of adultery.

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