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A love story from the jazz era

Image The turbulent 1920s are often associated with the name of the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald , best known for his novel The Great Gatsby . In literary circles, it is well known how difficult the marriage of Fitzgerald with Zelda Sayr was. Hollywood companies Zero Gravity Management and Next Wednesday Productions have decided to devote a biographical drama to the pair, according to the website The Tracking Board .

The script for the film Scott and Zelda: A Tale from the Jazz Age ( Scott and Zelda: A Story from the Jazz Age *) was written by Quinn Saunders.The film will focus on the dramatic relationship between Scott and Zelda and the time they spent in New York, Paris and Hollywood. They first met in 1918 and got married a couple of years later. Their marriage went through many trials. Fitzgerald's friend Ernest Hemingway did not hide his dislike for the writer's wife. Scott , like his wife, often abused alcohol, moreover, Zelda tried in every way to get out of the shadow of her famous husband. In 1930, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and since then, the couple's relationship has completely soured.

The new project is not the only film about Fitzgerald and his wife, which is being prepared in Hollywood. Back in April, it became known that Scarlett Johansson plans to play Zelda in the drama The Beautiful and Damned from Millennium Films .


Zero Gravity has previously produced films "Julia" and "Walter", and among the completed projects Next Wednesday you can find dramedies "Everyone Wins" and "The Shoemaker".

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