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Jazz, Jennifer Lawrence and Schizophrenia

Image Cuddled by the American Film Academy and the public, Jennifer Lawrence only has time to accept invitations to new interesting roles. This time she will try on the image of another colorful lady - the famous socialite and writer Zelda Fitzgerald in the future biopic "Zelda" from director Ron Howard, reports The Hollywood Reporter . The project is produced by Allison Shirmour (The Hunger Games).

The screenplay by Emma Frost ("The Man in the High Castle") is based on the biographical novel of the same name by Nancy Milford, dedicated to the fascinating life story of the wife of the American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Zelda was known not only for her eccentric character, parties and mental problems, but also for her own literary creativity. True, widespread recognition came to her much later than her death: in the 70s she became one of the icons of feminism.


Zelda was capricious as a child, and their relationship with Fitzgerald was not ideal. However, it was she who was his main muse. At the age of 27, the girl was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and she wrote two of her autobiographical novels in a mental hospital.

Contemporary filmmakers are showing an increased interest in this icon of the jazz age. Various actresses have played Fitzgerald 's companion in films that subtly convey the atmosphere of the early 1920s - Midnight in Paris and Genius.


And Jennifer Lawrence will soon be seen on the Passengers website with Chris Pratt. For many years now, the Oscar-winning young actress has just been snapped up: in 2017, Francis Lawrence's spy drama "Red Sparrow" is being prepared for release, where Jennifer will try on the role of a USA intelligence agent. Also in development is Darren Aronofsky's as-yet-unnamed project starring Lawrence .

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