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The Sandman will be saved only by TV

Image The adaptation of the graphic novel " The Sandman " has once again proved that it is not without reason that it bears the title of one of the main Hollywood long-term construction projects. According to io9 , the film based on the cult work of Neil Gaiman was left without a screenwriter.

The first attempts to transfer comic book characters to the big screen were made back in the 90s. For many years, the project came to life, then again went to the shelf. Over the past few years, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been working on it, but in March of this year he had to withdraw from the film adaptation due to creative differences with the management of the studio New Line Cinema . Erik Heisserer was appointed as the new screenwriter for the film, but now he was forced to leave the project too.

I put a lot of time and effort into writing the text, admitted Heisserer . -A series of conversations with Gaiman helped me come to the conclusion that adapting “ The Sandman ” only makes sense in the format of a serial drama or mini-series. I honestly admitted to the studio management that this project has no place in the world of big cinema, since the story of Neil cannot be written into the structure of a full-length film. As a result, I voluntarily resigned as a screenwriter”.


The television adaptation of the comic strip Gaiman could not only be inferior to the full-length version in terms of the visual component, but also surpass it in the quality of the script. The leadership of New Line Cinema does not have to look far for examples of successful series based on graphic novels: the fantasy drama Lucifer ( Lucifer ) has quite successfully taken root on TV, the title character of which in his time made his debut on the pages of " Sandman ".


In recent years, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Gordon-Levitt himself have been wooed for the role of Morpheus in the adaptation of the comic book Neil Gaiman .

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Author: Jake Pinkman