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Netflix will go to the kingdom of Morpheus

Image Lately, the rights to film adaptations of Neil Gaiman's works are flying better than hot cakes. In the first half of this year alone, foreign channels and online services have released the mini-series Good Omens, the second season of American Gods and the fourth chapter of Lucifer. Today it became known that soon the Sleep Lord from the graphic novel "The Sandman" will also appear on TV screens.

The first attempts to film a comic strip were made in the early 90s. In the next decade, Joseph Gordon-Levitt became interested in the film adaptation of Gaiman's hit. It seemed that the tape was about to go into production, but in the spring of 2016 the team of the star "Inception" and "Time Loop" unexpectedly left the project due to creative differences with the leadership of the studio Warner Bros. Erik Heisserer (Arrival) was appointed as the new scriptwriter for The Sandman, but he eventually followed Gordon-Levitt's example and said that Gaiman's work could not be compressed into a two-hour film format.

The management of the film company listened to Heisserer's words and announced that the iconic graphic novel from the publishing house Vertigo will form the basis of the series. The WB partner in the work on the TV project will be the online service Netflix.


A year ago, the streaming giant resurrected the private series Lucifer. Now the Netflix bosses have made another gift for Gaiman fans. According to insiders, the management of the streaming service has acquired the rights to broadcast "The Sandman" for a record amount for the WB series department. What's more, it is expected to outperform all previous DC and Vertigo TV adaptations in terms of production budget.

The first issue of The Sandman was published in 1989. The protagonist of the story is the sleep god Morpheus, who is trying to adapt to modern life after 70 years in captivity in a secret society of occultists. Gaiman's work not only earned rave reviews in the press, but also became one of the few graphic novels that can boast a hit in the New York Times bestseller book rating. The original Dream Lord comic series ran until 1996. During this time, she has won more than twenty Will Eisner awards.


Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) will head the series' writing team. The Sandman will be produced by David S. Goyer (Da Vinci Demons, Krypton) and Neil Gaiman.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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