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Gordon-Levitt left the Sandman

Image No sooner had rumors spread throughout Hollywood that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could act as a producer, director and starring role in The Sandman , when the actor stunned his fans with information about exit from the long-awaited film adaptation of the cult comic strip by Neil Gaiman due to creative differences with the leadership of the studio New Line Cinema . The decision to leave the project Gordon-Levitt was announced only a few hours after the bosses of the film company announced plans to change the vector of its development.

As you know, some time ago David S. Goyer and I made a deal with Warner Bros. to develop a full-length adaptation of “ The Sandman , - wrote Joseph on his page in Facebook . - Neil Gaiman joined the project as executive producer and then we managed to hire an excellent screenwriter - Jack Thorne.

I was pleased with the progress of the adaptation of one of the most famous comic books in the world. However, the WB management recently decided to donate films based on graphic novels from Vertigo publishing to its subsidiary, New Line Cinema . For a couple of months of cooperation with new partners, I realized that we cannot agree on the film adaptation of “ The Sandman ”. I decided that I should leave this project. I wish good luck to everyone who continues to work on its implementation. "


Just yesterday it became known that Eric Heisserer had replaced Thorn as screenwriter. Now the management of New Line Cinema will have to start anew their search for a director and a leading actor. Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch were previously named candidates for the role of Lord of Dreams .

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Author: Jake Pinkman