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Casting: Abrahams to defenders, Watts to mother

Image As film producer Richard Guey admitted, the cast of the new crime drama Clover has been joined by John Abrahams, who is already the director of the project. He will be accompanied by Mark Webber (Green Room) and Erica Christensen (Hearing).

The plot centers on the story of two clumsy brothers who must go on the run to protect a young witness to a murder. Jack and Mickey (Abrahams and Webber) will have to go to extremes and even contact the local mafia leader to survive.

Virtuoso Films is responsible for the production of the film, and Michael Teston will be scripted. The writer has previously worked with Abrahams on his directorial debut Two for One.


Sandra Bullock will be filming Let Her Speak * about Democrat politician Wendy Davis, who in June 2013 opposed Republican adoption of one of the most stringent abortion laws. The story of the resilient Harvard lawyer who has influenced the lives of many American women will be written with support from Escape Artists and ShowKat Productions.


Meanwhile, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Calvin Harrison and Octavia Spencer will star in the Luce Julius drama Ona. Harrison is cast as an African teenager and soldier living in the suburbs with his parents, played by Watts and Rota. Spencer will appear as the boy's teacher.


Paul Walter Hauser ("Ice Bitch") has signed a contract to shoot Spike Lee's Black Klansman. Recall that earlier Adam Driver joined the ranks of the thriller actors. Hauser will become one of the members of the Ku Klux Klan, trying to find out about the hero of Driver. The film is based on the autobiography of former investigator Ron Stallworth, who in the late 70s managed to reach out to the leaders of the local clansmen cell.

* - preliminary translation.

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