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Casting: Ocean's Eighth Girlfriend & Willis's Brother

Image Two weeks ago, we wrote that three actresses joined the women's spin-off of Ocean's Eleven, and the creators of Ocean's Eight need to find the last of the announced protagonists. Today Deadline reports that the search has probably come to an end, and the star of the series "American Crime Story" ( American Crime Story ) Sarah Paulson.

The plot of the new film is reminiscent of the aforementioned movie with George Clooney. The central character is a swindler who has just been released from prison, driven by a sense of revenge. The organizer and her accomplices are planning an ambitious multi-level theft that will take place at the main fashion festival in New York - the ball of the American Costume Institute ...

Sandra Bullock was the first to sign up for the project: the actress will portray the sister of Danny Ocean ( Clooney ) - the hero of previous films in the series. Later, Cate Blanchett joined the project, whose role in the new story is compared by the publication to the hero of Brad Pitt in the films of Stephen Soderbergh. The latter is the producer of the new tape, and Gary Ross is making films.


For her role in American Crime Story , Paulson was nominated for an Emmy . With Ryan Murphy, the creator of this television drama, the actress also worked on American Horror Story ( American Horror Story ), and soon a new collaboration awaits them - the TV series Feud ). Two films Sarah are also being prepared for release - the romantic comedy Blue Jay and the biopic Rebel in the Rye by Jerome Salinger.

Denzel Washington may star in a new film by Dan Gilroy, the director who made his big-screen debut with Stringer two years ago. Inner City , scripted by Gilroy himself, will take place in Los Angeles and will focus on a lawyer whose career is turning out to be a fateful moment.


In September, Denzel Washington will appear in Antoine Fuqua's The Magnificent Seven, and in December, in his film Barriers.

Jessica Jones , David Tennant will star in Dean Devlin's drama The Bad Samaritan . br />
In the story, two young valet-valets take advantage of their professional position for selfish purposes - they rob the houses of unsuspecting clients. The gang never seeks to hit the big jackpot, but not the most greedy lovers of profit will fail. A visit to the house they spotted for their next outing will change their lives forever ...


Work on the painting will begin this year in Portland.

Vincent D'Onofrio and Dean Norris have joined the cast of Death Wish , starring Bruce Willis. The production by director Eli Roth is a remake of the 1974 film of the same name.

The painting tells the story of the architect Paul Kersey ( Willis ), whose life was broken by atrocious crimes against his wife and daughter. Frustrated that the escaped criminals have not been punished, Paul undertakes to establish justice on his own ...


D'Onofrio will play the brother of the central character, and Norris will play the police detective. Filming will begin next month in Montreal and Chicago.

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