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Robert Kirkman will open The Chronicles of Amber

Image The creator of "The Walking Dead" ( The Walking Dead ) Robert Kirkman has found another project that can be as successful as the popular zombie drama AMC . According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , Kirkman and his colleague at Skybound Entertainment David Elpert intend to adapt the book series The Chronicles of Amber for TV. science fiction writer Roger Zelazny.

The producers plan to find a scriptwriter for the project in the near future, and after that they start looking for a TV network for the show. According to the source, Kirkman has a priority on cable channels and streaming services.

The first book of the cycle was published in 1970. The entire series is divided into two parts - five novels each.The main character of one of them is named Corwin . One day he woke up on Earth, not remembering who he was and what happened. Soon Corwin learns that he is a prince from the royal family and has the ability to move between different dimensions of reality, the so-called reflections. In the second pentalogy The Chronicle of Amber , Merlin , the son of Corwin , is at the center of events.


At the moment, more than 15 million copies of the books are sold in the world, included in the cycle The Chronicles of Amber .

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Author: Jake Pinkman