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UCP will open doors to Gaiman's Intermir

Image Following the success of Mr. Robot and The Magicians , Universal Cable Productions has a hand in their creation, continues to expand the range of its projects.

As it became known to the portal Variety , the producers were looking at the work Intermir , written by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves ... Now UCP intends to use the novel as the basis for a television series.

In the original, the schoolboy Joey Harker has an amazing ability to wander between different worlds. Each of them has its own version of Joey - somewhere he is older, somewhere younger, and in some he is not even human. The life of the protagonist is in danger due to the fact that representatives of the opposing sides, science and magic follow his trail, because Joey is their main hope for victory in the war for domination in all universes ...


The series will be executive produced by the authors themselves. Back in 2007, Gaiman said that DreamWorks Animation intends to turn Intermere into an animated film, but since then there has been progress on the project never happened.

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Author: Jake Pinkman