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Fox: ”Logan is primarily a film about life and death”

Image Less than a month remains before the release of the third solo album about the mutant with adamantium claws. Already at the stage of the promotional campaign, it became clear that the new tape would be much darker and more atmospheric than the previous ones. About what worried the bosses of the corporation 20th Century Fox during the development of the film, the portal Сomingsoon told with reference to the representative of the studio Stacy Snyder.

“There was a real commotion inside the company about the tone and emotional color of the film. After all, “ Logan ” will primarily present philosophical reflections on life and death. At the same time, the presentation of the material was planned close to that adopted in Westerns, and my colleagues took the idea with hostility. They thought that Wolverine would be darn boring without all the usual daring tricks. But isn't it great to see him as an ordinary person who is tired and doesn't want to fight anymore? Of course, until the little girl turns to him for help ... ", - shared Snyder .


The third film in the series of solo films about the mutant will tell the story of a tired Logan who has retired from battles alongside the X-Men . He lives near the Mexican border and takes care of Charles Xavier . Everything changes when the protagonist meets a young and dangerous girl. She is a mutant with an obnoxious personality and a lot of secrets. She also has the same claws as Wolverine , and of course she is hunted.

Logan will be the ninth and final film to play the famous mutant Wolverine , Hugh Jackman. In any case, the actor himself says so. But, for example, Ryan Reynolds really wants to make a joint movie about Wolverine and Deadpool . Yes, and in the history of Hollywood there have been many cases when viewers and producers persuaded actors to participate in one more, last, participation. So whether the upcoming release of Hugh in the familiar brutal image will actually be the last, time will tell. In USA, " Logan " starts on March 2 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman