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Wolverine and Deadpool: to be or not to be?

Image A little over a week is left until the release of the movie "Logan" , but journalists never tire of speculating on the plot and other parameters of the project. So, the next portion of intriguing reasons for discussions and conjectures was thrown to film fans by the portal Тhe Playlist .

First, it is officially confirmed that there will be a post-credits scene in Logan . True, it is not shown on previews, so it is not yet known what is included in it. There is also no information if this scene will be in the middle of the credits or at the very end. Only one thing is clear - you need to stay in your seats until the lights in the hall turn on.

Second, Hugh Jackman reiterated that Logan would be his last appearance as a mutant with an adamantium skeleton, thereby destroying Ryan Reynolds' hopes for a joint film about Wolverine and Deadpool . Word to Jackman :“This is probably not the right time to talk about it because I love Ryan Reynolds and I love Deadpool . But if I decided that I was leaving, then I can no longer participate in the filming of this picture ... Even when we began to think over the script, and when I asked James Mangold to join the project, I told him: `` You know, I'm not sure. I want to participate in this. ” If this is not what I want, I prefer not to do it. I couldn't live like this.

However, in another interview, Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor X , grinningly suggested that Jackman's words were just a PR for Logan . Like, the last meeting with the famous mutant.

Will Reynolds and the company manage to persuade Jackman not to fold their claws, time will tell. And as for the scene after the credits, we will find out its content next week: Logan starts in the domestic box office on March 2 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman