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”Wow!” Voiced Trailer for ”The Voice of the Monster”

Image The first thing that comes to mind when watching the trailer for the film of the dark storyteller Juan Antonio Bayona is the new "Pan's Labyrinth". In the presence of and the horrors of harsh reality, and beyond his years a courageous child, challenging circumstances, and amazing beauty special effects, and a wonderful world of fantasy, which is much kinder, larger and more generous than the real world. However, Bayona ("Shelter", "Boulevard Horrors" / Penny Dreadful ) does not copy the visual and narrative style of his great teacher, the best friend of all monsters, Guillermo del Toro. There is something much more lyrical, deep and sad about his heartbreaking fantasy drama Voice of the Monster .

The plot of the tape revolves around the boy Connor (Lewis McDougall), whose mother (Felicity Jones) is dying of an incurable disease. When a child despairs completely that he is unable to help the closest person, and the whole world around him turns out to be against him, the Monster comes to the rescue, which he and his mother once drew. The revived old yew tree only looks like a terrible monster, but in fact it helps Connor cope with losses and understand that even in the most difficult times in life there is a place for love, kindness and compassion.


Not only is the film able to touch even the most callous viewer, but it is also shot very skillfully. Game scenes in it are organically combined with graphic ones, and artistic inserts awaken in memory such masterpieces as "Where Dreams May Come" and "Big Fish". In addition, given the actors involved in " The Voice of the Monster ", we can expect from the visionary director's ambitious project not only eye candy, but also a powerful, subtle drama that will give viewers a whole range of emotions ... The main one, perhaps, will be the feeling of light sadness that always remains after watching such pictures.

USA viewers will be able to escape from the harsh reality into the world of dreams in the company of a frightening but wise Monster with a big yew heart October 27 , but for now we bring to your attention a touching and spectacular trailer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman