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Jackie Chan and the Existentialist Monster: Watch This Week

Image "February. Get ink and cry ... ", wrote Boris Leonidovich Pasternak. But in relation to our case, you can say this: February, get a poster and be amazed. Marvel at how many nosy movie premieres next week. Let's dwell on some of them in more detail ...

Ten years ago, the talented Spaniard Juan Antonio Bayona loudly declared himself, having released an excellent in all respects thriller "Shelter". After some time, he took an active part in the creation of the series "Boulevard Horrors". This time the director tells the audience a story in the spirit of Tim Burton. The cast of "Monster Voices" is rich in star names - Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson.

A dark fantasy drama tells the story of a boy Connor and a monster that appears in his dreams. When the mother of the protagonist is diagnosed with cancer, it deals a severe blow to the fragile psyche of a teenager. In especially difficult times, reality begins to change to help Connor . An old huge tree standing in the courtyard of the house comes to life and tells it unusually beautiful and deep stories. Thanks to them, Connor understands a lot about himself, about the world and tries to find the strength to live no matter what.

The efforts of Bayona were highly appreciated - the picture entered the short lists of prestigious international film festivals. For example, the film was nominated in 12 nominations for the Spanish national award "Goya" , which will be presented next week.

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No matter how much the child is amused, if only not with sequels and reboots. But this, unfortunately, is not about the Hollywood machine for producing endless "new looks through old cracks." It would seem that the theme of death seven days after watching a mysterious cassette should have become a thing of the past along with VHS, but no. And here F. Javier Gutierrez (by the way, also a Spaniard) releases a tape called Calls . The film tells the story of a young man studying the phenomenon of a fatal cassette tape. However, his girlfriend decides that the protagonist underestimates the danger, and tries to protect him at the cost of her life. She watches the tape and thus incurs a series of strange and frightening incidents. One of the discoveries - in the scary video, there is another film that no one has noticed before. Well, girls,
ImageRennie Harlin was once one of the most talented and sought-after directors in genre of action. It was he who released such hits as "Rock Climber", "Die Hard - 2" and "The Long Kiss Goodnight." But since then, the director has shot too many second-rate films (for example, "Hercules: The Beginning of a Legend"), which has finally exhausted the limit of trust. With the film Dirty Partners Harlin he tries to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the audience, calling on the ageless Jackie Chan and the comedian Johnny Knoxville to help him. The action comedy tells the story of a fundamentally honest cop who is forced to team up with a swindler to save his niece. Together they have a difficult path visit several countries, encounter the USA mafia and Chinese traditions. During a journey with an abundance of action and humor, each of the heroes will be able to understand a lot about both his partner and himself.

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Peter Chelsom is a filmmaker who sometimes shoots good things (Intuition) and sometimes not so good ones (Town and Country). Trailers for the movie Space Between Us promise a very beautiful and dramatic story of interplanetary love. The cast is all right too: Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game) in the title role, genius Gary Oldman and sultry Carla Gugino in the background. He was born and raised in an experimental school on Mars. She goes to a regular college on Earth. They met through the Internet. After talking for a while, he decided that he had fallen in love, and went to Earth to meet with his soul mate. A boy from Mars will learn and feel many amazing things on Earth. In what we take for granted, he will see something intimate ...

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Noomi Rapace, a beautiful Swedish woman with a magnetic look, is one of the most sought-after actresses today. This time the star of the trilogy "Millennium" and "Prometheus" appears before the viewer in a very unusual role for himself. The story itself is somewhat reminiscent of Franz Kafka's story The Metamorphosis . The film "Transformation" tells the story of a woman who is very afraid of spiders. But the more you are afraid, the more you attract the object of fear. And one day the heroine wakes up in a laboratory, in which she is informed that there is a certain unique deviation in her genetic code. Thanks to him, she can turn into a completely new creature.

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In 2000, Ben Younger released the good movie Boiler Room, starring rising stars Giovanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel. Since then, the director has directed only one (and even then completely optional) feature film - "My Best Lover". And next week, the film "The Pazman Devil" is released based on true events. Starring Aaron Eckhart with a receding hairline and Divergent star Miles Teller. The film tells the story of a boxer named Vinnie Patients , who looked very promising until he had a terrible accident. However, she did not break the spirit of the athlete. Despite all the assurances of the doctors that he would not even be able to walk, the hero decided by all means to be in the ring again.

Also, several more films will start at the box office this week. Ideal Strangers originally from Italy will tell you how many skeletons in the closet can be your bosom friends. Dmitry Dyuzhev will appear in a bourgeois outfit in "Big Village Lights" , and "Super Steward" will depict in all details the process of seduction of artificial intelligence by humans.

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