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Alien can be sent to rest

Image The recent deal between the empires of William Fox and Walt Disney made many viewers wonder how the future of the popular Fox family franchises will turn out. As it turned out, the future of one of the famous film series 20th Century Fox was in jeopardy even before the final transfer of the studio to the Disney Corporation.

More recently, Sir Ridley Scott was making ambitious plans to build a whole series of prequels to his cult sci-fi horror "Alien". Now information has appeared on the Web that viewers may not wait for the intriguing cliffhanger to end in the final of the Alien: Covenant tape. The film earned $ 240 million worldwide and recouped its $ 97 million production budget, but the bosses of 20th Century Fox were clearly counting on a much higher box office.

Rumors that the film company decided to freeze work on the next film arose from a post on the forum of the Blu-Ray portal from a user with the nickname HumanMedia, who said that he was involved in the work on "Testament". “Preparations for the next film in the franchise were due to kick off in Sydney in September, says HumanMedia. -After Analyzing the Covenant Metrics in the box office, the studio decided to cancel the shooting and put the rented premises up for auction”.


The message from an anonymous source should be taken with a fair amount of skepticism, but the result of the last film in the film series at the box office really made it clear that the audience began to fade interest in the prequels of "Alien". If in 2012 "Prometheus" earned $ 403 million, then in the piggy bank of its sequel was $ 163 million less.

Perhaps now the studio bosses will finally decide to transfer the franchise into the hands of Neil Blomkamp, who planned to shoot a direct sequel to Aliens.

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Author: Jake Pinkman