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Hollywood moneybags tighten their belts

Image The weak performance of a number of summer blockbusters led to the fact that several leading Hollywood studios decided to reconsider the development strategies of their high-profile franchises.

More recently, Ridley Scott shared with the public some truly ambitious plans to create a whole series of " Alien " prequels, but now the future of the film series is in jeopardy. The affairs of the tape "Alien: Testament" went awry in the second week of distribution, when its box office dipped by 71%. To date, the horror movie has earned only $ 232 million worldwide with a production budget of $ 97 million . Considering that 20th Century Fox has spent several tens of millions of dollars to promote the film, the result of "Covenant " looks quite sad. The franchise has clearly taken a step back: in 2012, $ 130 million "Prometheus" emptied the pockets of viewers by $ 403 million .

In the spring, Ridley announced his desire to create four more “ Alien ” prequels, but now insiders claim that the director had to curb his appetite and cut the script application to two films. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the bosses of Fox decided to let Scott go to shoot the crime dramas "All the Money in the World" and "Cartel", and they themselves began to discuss further franchise development prospects.


If Scott does return to the world of " Alien ", he is unlikely to have a nine-figure budget at his disposal. The studio Paramount Pictures was forced to follow the path of cutting the costs of creating blockbusters. A month ago, the tape " Transformers: The Last Knight " showed the worst start in the history of the saga about the adventures of the Autobots and Decepticons. The movie with a huge budget of $ 217 million flopped in the North American box office and managed to get to the level of self-sufficiency solely thanks to the Asian film market. As a result, the leadership of Paramount thought about how to reduce the costs of creating the upcoming solo album Bumblebee to $ 70 million .


The creators of the young cinematic universe of monsters Universal , who did not manage to launch the franchise with a 100% hit, also had to reconsider their plans. The blockbuster " The Mummy " was crushed by critics, but still managed to earn $ 390 million . The studio bosses are confident that the action adventure has managed to recoup its $ 125 million budget thanks to Tom Cruise's stellar status. Costs for the next films in the franchise may be cut, but the studio is still looking to rely on big-name actors.


Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp have already signed contracts with the studio Universal , and today it became known that the role of Van Helsing in the MCU of monsters may be assigned to Channing Tatum.

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Author: Jake Pinkman