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Ridley Scott is tired of the Alien

Image After the release of the sci-fi thriller Alien: Covenant, many critics and viewers agreed that the famous film series about bloodthirsty xenomorphs had completely gone astray. More recently, director Ridley Scott had ambitious plans to create two trilogies of prequels to the original "Alien" at once, but the modest box office receipts of "Covenant" put the future of the franchise at risk.

During the traditional meeting of the journalists of The Hollywood Reporter with leading Hollywood producers, Ridley made it clear that the Alien himself could be the culprit of all the troubles of the film series." Prometheus " was a great starting point for building a prequel series, the director said. - "Covenant " was supposed to develop the ideas of this film and help us breathe new life into the Alien saga. But the beast is completely exhausted. Now we need to look for some new ideas and moves. ”

Scott did not specify whether fans of "Alien" should consider the entire franchise as a "beast" or just the xenomorph itself. The second option is more likely, since the director is ready to continue the series without his title character.


It seems to me that the evolution of the Alien is almost complete, - the eminent Briton admitted in another interview. -In the next film, I would like to switch to a different story. Imagine a world that would be created by artificial intelligence, becoming the leader of an unknown planet. ”


Ridley Scott's intentions to continue the story of the adventures of android David may be hindered by the bosses of the Fox studio, who in July this year decided to seriously reconsider their plans for the franchise. To date, they have not yet dared to give the sequel to Covenant the green light.

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Author: Jake Pinkman