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”48 Hours” will receive a restart

Image Once upon a time, back in 1982, the action comedy "48 Hours" became the acting debut for the winner of the Golden Globe Eddie Murphy. 35 years after the film's release, Paramount's new division, Paramount Players, is gearing up to bring the heroes of history back to the big screens. The filming of the remake will be led by brothers Ben and Joshua Safdie, among whose latest works is the crime thriller Good Time, which participated in the main competition of the Cannes Festival, starring Robert Pattinson.

The plot of the original film revolves around a stern detective named Jack Cates, who is chasing two criminals who killed a police officer. However, he can cope with the task and get on the trail of the bandits only with the help of a clever, but very frivolous and talkative criminal Reji Hammond, who is serving a term for stealing half a million dollars. Jack pulls him out of prison for 48 hours, and now the forced partners, having difficulty finding a common language, go in search of villains. True, their goals are different: if a detective wants to catch and take revenge on criminals, then Reji only dreams of how to get his money back.


The 1982 film starred the aforementioned Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, and was directed by Walter Hill. With a budget of $ 12 million, the film grossed nearly $ 80 million. Eight years later, in 1990, a sequel called "The Other 48 Hours" was released, which also proved to be very successful financially: with a budget of $ 38 million, he was able to earn over $ 153 million worldwide.

The new 48 Hours will be produced by Chernin Entertainment, while Joshua Safdie will work on the script for the comedy together with Ronald Bronstein and Jerrod Carmichael. Who exactly will play the main roles in the film and when it is planned to release the tape on the screens is still unknown.

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Author: Jake Pinkman