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Jack Reacher's New Life

Image Online service Amazon has called under its banner another bright character with a rich literary and cinematic background. The streaming giant is starting a series based on Lee Child's novels about former military police officer Jack Reacher.

The book series contains 24 novels, which have sold 100 million copies. In 2012, the ninth part of the series, "One Shot", formed the basis of a Hollywood action movie starring Tom Cruise. Christopher McQuarrie's painting received good reviews in the press and earned more than $ 218 million from a $ 60 million budget. Four years later, the sequel premiered - Jack Reacher 2: Never Come Back. Edward Zwick's film met with a barrage of criticism and problems with payback, as a result of which Skydance and Paramount were thinking about rebooting the franchise as a series.

The project was announced in August 2018, and the next summer it was sheltered by Amazon. Today it became known that the customers were satisfied with the preliminary script and gave the go-ahead for the production of the first season. The opening chapter of the story will be removed based on the first part of the book cycle - "The Field of Death". If the authors of the series, led by showrunner Nick Santorra ("The Escape"), do not change the original, viewers will have a story about the confrontation between Reacher and the criminal group Aryan Brotherhood.


Amazon management already has a track record of resurrecting popular metaphranchises. In 2018, the service brought Jack Ryan from the books of Tom Clancy and the Paramount series of full-length thrillers to TV screens. The series about CIA analysts came to the court and received an extension first for a second and then for a third season.

Source: Deadline

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