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Will Enchanted 2 disappoint?

Image Actress Amy Adams has been cast as the lead in the sequel to Enchanted , according to The Hollywood Reporter . The release of the new movie Disney is scheduled for the summer of 2017 .

Now the director Adam Shenkman ("A Walk to Love") is in negotiations with the studio. Recall that the original film by Kevin Lim with the same Adams in the title role told a fantasy story about the fall of the girl Giselle from the cartoon world to Manhattan. Before the adventures in New York, the heroine was going to marry Prince (James Marsden), but in America she accidentally met a lawyer (Patrick Dempsey), also preparing for a wedding with a completely inappropriate person for him (Idina Menzel) ...

At the worldwide box office, the original earned $ 340 million , and in the US - $ 127 million . Disney has been planning a sequel since 2010, and initially chose Anne Fletcher (Step Up, The Proposal) for the director's chair.


The second part will focus on the life of Giselle after the fabulous happy ending "and they lived happily ever after." The heroine is confused in the tangle of events around her, which turns everything upside down both in the real world and in the painted Andalusia.

For his work with House of Mice director Shankman is best known as the author of light comedies such as "House Upside Down", "Bald Nanny: Special Assignment" and "Bedtime Stories ". He also noted in the musical genre - the films "Hairspray" and "Rock for Ages".

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